Bull on the Loose Proves Uncooperative With Recapture Attempts

A bull that escaped a truck was on the loose for over an hour in Murray Bridge in South Australia on Monday, March 15, and, as this video shows, was not very cooperative with efforts to recapture him.

According to reports, the bull was being transported to Alice Springs via Dublin in South Australia when he broke out of a trailer on Murray Bridge’s Old Road Bridge at around 9.30 am.

The livestock transporter and two stockmen, with some help from local police, chased the bull to the Murray Bridge Show Grounds, three kilometers away. There, it took another hour to corral the animal.

Footage of the bull on the loose was captured by local journalist Peri Strathearn, who can be heard whispering “get in, get in,” as the workers attempt to capture the bull.

The bull dented a gate, broke a guy rope off an annexe and bumped into a camper van during the chase, reports said. No one was injured during the incident. Credit: Peri Strathearn via Storyful