The new Bulwell treasure trove shop with retro trainers, jackets and incredible bargains

A new antique music shop has opened in Nottingham and, despite its small size, it packs a lot in. C&C Acoustic Vintage Retail Ltd on Highbury Road, in Bulwell, Nottingham opened its doors on Tuesday, May 21, and has an array of vintage musical instruments.

After reading a Facebook post about it, I was interested to find out more, so I went along. The shop was very easy to get to and a short tram ride away from the city centre got me there quickly. Then it’s just a stroll from Bulwell tram stop.

As I entered the shop, it certainly gave off a vintage feel with wallpaper of African grasslands featuring zebras covering the walls from floor to ceiling. Being a music shop, there was certainly a lot of records on display.

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Pretty much everything musical-related from albums to huge speakers and even vinyl was there. While its name suggests it’s a music shop, it has much more than that, with classic American clothing to 80s retro trainers.

Certain items are proving popular with collectors with a pair of Jordan Nike trainers going for £68, which to some may represent a good deal.

And if formal dress is more your thing, there were retro jackets prices from as little as £15 each. To think that some of these products have been around for forty years or more is mind-blowing considering how little you can pay for some of them.

There were even classic guitars prices from a little as £80. Although this shop has only been open just over a week, it’s clearly becoming popular with both customers and sellers. While I was looking round, a seller came in with a Gucci watch, proving people are even willing to sell very popular and expensive items to the shop.

Owner Claire Lloyd, 52, told me they only opened last Tuesday and she and her colleague were still in the process of setting the shop up. She said: “People like memories of the present and the past of their families and we find people like to collect all kinds of things.

“Initially, we only started as a music shop but now we’ve expanded to other things as well. It’s mainly wholesale items, but people actually sell items to us as well."

I asked her about the items which are proving particularly popular and she took me to the front window where there was a collection of Chinese decorative items. She added: “We have done very well with the Chinese stuff in our window. We do find that collectors come in looking for certain items too.”

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and I would definitely go back again. The arrange of product – some of them incredibly rare yet affordable and the low prices mean that almost anyone can become an antique collector.

The shop is open from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.