Bulwell woman saved from house fire by hero off-duty police officer

Damage can be seen on the outside of the house on a residential street in Bulwell, with its front door boarded up
-Credit: (Image: Joshua Hartley/Nottingham Post)

An off-duty police officer has been praised for his bravery after saving an elderly woman from a house fire. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon (May 26) on Strelley Street, Bulwell.

Although the woman was not hurt during the blaze, two cats unfortunately died. The police officer was passing by the house when he noticed the fire, not hesitating to help the woman escape.

Kevin Howley, 61, who lives on nearby Muriel Street, said the fire happened at around 3pm on Sunday. He said he saw two fire engines and that there was a police cordon in place on part of the street.

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“I feel so sorry because you work all your life so hard and one day it can just go up in smoke. It’s horrible to see it happen to a neighbour and losing your pets is also awful.

"I’m relieved that the police officer was able to help and stop anyone from getting hurt, it’s very impressive stepping in to save someone," Mr Howley said.

Kelsey Hills, 37 and from Bulwell, echoed the thoughts. She said: "I feel so bad for the people who live there but I'm glad no one was hurt - the cats dying is awful though and I am sure the woman who was saved will have been so scared. It’s very brave [of the police officer] to do that, I hope the family can find him.

"At least with such an awful thing to happen there is some kindness and help."

The victim's daughter has said the family doesn't wish to speak about the incident, but told Nottinghamshire Live the officer has now been found.

An anonymous neighbour also spoke of the concern during the incident. They said: "It’s a quiet street most of the time but when I saw the smoke we obviously were concerned. I feel very sorry for the person who lives there, it’s just the worst nightmare."

Nottinghamshire Live has attempted to contact police for comment but had not heard back by the time of publication.