This bumblebee goes shopping and bowling because she won’t leave teen who saved her

A teen has a special bond with a bumblebee she saved two weeks ago who now won't leave her, even when she goes to the shops, and it went on a family bowling trip. Lacey Shillinglaw, 13, spotted the large fluffy bumblebee lying in the road as she returned with her mum, Laura Pashley, 35, from walking the family dog in Coundon wedge, Coventry on Saturday August 7. Worried for the creature's safety, the teen scooped up the bee, now Betty, who had one crumpled wing but immediately started walking all over Lacey, at 2:30pm. The rescuer spent an hour trying to put Betty on flowers in a local park on the way home, but the bee kept fluttering back onto her new friend, so Lacey allowed her to hitch a ride home on her: Betty happily wandering over Lacey's arms, shoulders and head. On the way Betty perched on the girl's glasses as she went into her local shop to buy milk, and other shoppers kept their distance, said mum. Betty's love for Lacey is steadfast, and she still follows her everywhere, even though her crumpled wing is fully recovered. She especially enjoys sharing jammy dodgers, eating the middle while Lacey nibbles at the edges, and also enjoys sugar water, honey, and strawberry jam out of Lacey's palm. Betty's a fan of Haribo tangfastics too, so Lacey feeds her a little piece occasionally. Lacey takes her bee-pal into the garden to feast on flower nectar, but as soon as the teen goes to reenter the house, Betty is right beside her. At night Lacey tucks Betty up in a little pot beside her bed,, there's no lid so her bee is free to leave, but never does. During the day Betty nestles in the hair at the back of Lacey's neck, or inside her sleeve if she needs a nap. Sometimes Betty stretches her wings and bombs about in the Livingroom while Lacey chills, mum said. Betty allows Lacey to stroke her fluffy body: even her head and between her wings, but she never goes on any other member of the family: including Oudi-salesman dad Lee Pashley, 35, and siblings Vinnie Pashley,, 9, and Betsey-blu Pashley, , 5. Lacey, from Coventry, West Midlands, said: "Betty is totally amazing: I'll remember this forever. "I thought she would fly off on the first day but she just never did. "I'm so happy and I just love spending my time with her. "She's so fluffy and I love this frinedship." Betty still accompanies her pal on trips to the local shops, wandering about on her as Lacey finds what she needs and pays. The intrepid bee even went bowling with Lacey and 14 other members of her family, including driving to the other side of Coventry Last Tuesday, 10,. She stayed on Lacey throughout both games, two-and-a-half hours, getting very funny looks, said mum, and an attendant even asked after Betty's safety. Laura, who is self-employed making edible flower bouquets, said: "She absolutely loves her. "It's completely lovely and also bonkers. "Betty wanders all over her: including her face, and her glasses, and even in between her big toe and other toes. "She's on her 90% of the time during the day: it's so beautiful: just gorgeous. "I can't believe Lacey isn't scared: Bumble bees sting, and like wasps, they can repeatedly sting you without being hurt or dying like honeybees do. "Lacey's hair is down to her bum, and Betty climbs in it like some kind of jungle. "We have all the doors open a lot and she's just never gone: I haven't the foggiest why."

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