Bumblebee the Sheep Predicts Victory for England in Germany Showdown

It’s a match that has divided opinion, but one sheep was certain of the outcome in the much-anticipated clash of England and Germany at Euro 2020 on June 29.

Video recorded at Caenhill Countryside Centre shows Bumblebee the sheep making a beeline for a bucket labelled “England” and chomping on the sugar beet inside, as a bucket labelled “Germany” is ignored.

The video was recorded by Chris Franklin, and shows Caroline Le Bourgeois along with Bumblebee.

Caenhill Countryside Centre is a charity in Devizes set up to help young people and rescue animals, they told Storyful. Bumblebee is a rescue sheep the centre has had had for four years. Credit: Chris Franklin & Caroline Le Bourgeois/@caenhillcc via Storyful

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