Bumpercam records reckless driver ramming other vehicle trying to overtake on the A189

Staff writer
Bumpercam image

A bumpercam has recorded the terrifying moment a reckless driver in Northumberland attempted to overtake another vehicle by running onto the central partition, striking the other car and grinding against the fence.

The camera's owner experienced the scary incident while driving on the A189 towards Ashington on December 7. The driver of the Fiat Panda passed very close to a white car, going at 70mph behind the filmer, before trying to pass him and scrapping past his car's right side.

The filmer, who was happily listening to Eye of The Tiger by Survivor before the incident, commented: "[The] driver of the car drove off without any hesitation to stop. Police are informed of this and there's two crimes linked to this driver in this [incident]."

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