Burglar Luke Burns caught selling stolen items at Cash Converters in Birmingham

Burglar Luke Burns sold stolen items to Cash Converters in Birmingham
Burglar Luke Burns sold stolen items to Cash Converters in Birmingham

A burglar from Birmingham who targeted the same home four times in the space of nine days - after targeting another property on the same road - has been jailed.

Luke Burns stole from two houses, both undergoing renovation in Walsall Road, Perry Barr. The 34-year-old, also from Perry Barr, was sentenced to 18 months in prison at Birmingham Crown Court on October 27 after pleading guilty to five charges of burglary of a dwelling between December 10 2022 and January 10 2023.

Burns stole two power tools from the first home on December 10 2022. Then on January 1 he targeted the second property - gaining entry after removing tiles in the roof of an outbuilding - stealing two televisions, drill sets, Karcher car washer and strimmers.

The owner had discovered the break-in and had secured the property but on January 3 Burns returned again accessing the property through the roof once more. This time he stole jewellery containing three watches, multiple silver rings with gemstones and cufflinks.

Then again on January 4 Burns returned and broke in - but police said it was unclear if items were taken. The owner of the property had now fitted CCTV and on January 10 he received calls from the security company informing him there was an activation on his cameras. He called police and officers arrived quickly with a drone and managed to track Burns and stop him.

Burglar Luke Burns sold items to Cash Converters

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: “When we searched him he was found to be in possession of perfume, a Michael Kors watch and electric shavers. He was arrested and taken into custody.

“We searched his home and recovered stolen items including tools and a Flymo strimmer. We also visited a local Cash Converters store in Kingstanding and staff confirmed they knew Burns and had bought items from him. We recovered multiple items including, a TV, Sound Bar, silver rings with gemstones, a Casio watch and Bosch drill.”

PC Summer Freeman, Investigation officer at Perry Barr, said: “The impact on people who are the victims of burglary is significant. Not only is it the financial impact but it is also the emotional impact as well.

"Fortunately we were able to catch Burns red-handed with stolen possessions on him. We were then able to link him to the crimes through the items he sold on to Cash Converters. Fortunately we were also able to recover many of the items he had stolen. We are pleased Burns has been sentenced for these burglary offences and will now spend time behind bars.” Get advice on how to protect your home from burglars here: West Midlands Police burglary advice