Burglar who 'ransacked' Sunderland home caught by DNA match from blood stains in kitchen and bedroom

Burglar, Darren Roberts was jailed for 30 months
-Credit: (Image: Northumbria Police)

A burglar "ransacked" a home in Sunderland and left blood stains in the bedroom and kitchen.

Darren Roberts forced the patio doors open of a home in the Hall Farm area of Sunderland and carried out a search of the property while those who lived there were out of the country. The 35-year-old made off with aftershave and a PS5 games console but was arrested after his blood was found in the house.

The burglary left one of the residents in "total fear" and forced them to put the house up for sale. Roberts has now been put behind bars.

Burglar, Darren Roberts was jailed for 30 months
Burglar, Darren Roberts was jailed for 30 months -Credit:Northumbria Police

Roberts, of Carlisle Terrace, Sunderland, appeared at Newcastle Crown Court via link from HMP Durham to be sentenced for burglary. He had pleaded guilty to the offence.

The court heard that the residents of a home were out of the country when they found out their home had been broken into in February. Emma Atkinson, prosecuting, said: "The point of entry was the French doors. Glass was smashed and had to be boarded up.

"A PS5 had been stolen with games and the bedroom had been ransacked, with aftershave missing. There were blood stains in the kitchen and bedroom." Roberts was arrested on March 15 after his DNA matched up with the blood found in the home.

The court heard that following his arrest, he had to be taken straight to hospital as he had been the victim of an attack. Roberts had 25 previous convictions for 59 offences, including an aggravated burglary in 2013 for which he received and eight year prison sentence. He is a fourth-strike burglar.

Burglar, Darren Roberts was jailed for 30 months
Burglar, Darren Roberts was jailed for 30 months -Credit:Northumbria Police

In a victim statement, the woman who lived at the address said that Roberts "invaded the privacy of my home" and left her in "total fear" and battling "sleepless nights". The home was later put up for sale as the couple living there "no longer feel safe".

Nick Lane, defending, said Roberts had been struggling with accommodation following his last prison release. He said: "He feels if he had stable accommodation, that would enable him to find regular employment. But without that, he was frustrated in his efforts." Mr Lane said Roberts has gained employment which deals with charity donations in prison and is working with a team that will help him with his drug issues.

Recorder Smart jailed Roberts for 30 months.