Burglars steal 18 phone models from shop in China

Three burglars steal 18 mobile phone models after breaking into a shop in southern China. The CCTV footage, captured on December 28 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, shows the three men breaking into the shop and stealing several mobile phones from the shelves, despite the alarm ringing loudly. As the trio begins to walk out with the phones in their hands, one of the men in a hoodie turns back to the counter and take some cash before running out. Another video shows an accomplice standing guard outside the door, bouncing back and forth. At 2.32 am, two guys ran out of the store and ran away with the guard person. About half an hour later, the last person also ran out of the store. Mr. Deng, the staff of the store, said that the store CCTV was connected to his mobile phone so his mobile phone alarm him as soon as the burglary happened. He immediately called the police. After checking the scene, it turned out that 18 mobile phone models and 1500 yuan (about 187pound) in cash were missing. The police have launched a manhunt for the suspects and the case is still under investigation. The video was provided by local media.