Buried lawnmower part mistaken for WWII bomb sparks police operation in Dulwich

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Stock picture of a lawnmower  (Pexels/Pixabay)
Stock picture of a lawnmower (Pexels/Pixabay)

A buried lawnmower part sparked a huge police operation after a gardener feared it could be a bomb from the Second World War.

Police were called after a metal roller cylinder from an old fashioned lawnmower was “partially dug up” by a homeowner in Hawarden Grove, Dulwich at 11.25am on Tuesday.

A worker nearby said: “The police told us they thought it was an unexploded a World War Two bomb but it actually turned out to be an old-fashioned metal rolly thing from a lawnmower.

“They were taking it seriously they closed off the whole of Croxted Road and we cordoned off a bit in our back. They were pretty miffed but at least everyone’s safe.”

Another asked: “How do these things get buried? Who on earth buries part of a lawnmower?”

A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed local road closures were put in place with specialist bomb disposal units sent out after the suspected item of WW2 ordinance was discovered.

He added: “The item was found to be the metal roller from a lawnmower.

“All roads have now been opened.”

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