Burning Man Attendees Face Hours-Long Traffic Jams Exiting Festival

Burning Man attendees faced hours-long wait times to leave the festival from Sunday, September 4, into the early hours of Tuesday, according to organizers and social media posts.

The so-called “Exodus” had wait times of “over 9 hours” after midnight on September 6, according to the festival Twitter account, which was asking people still on site to delay departure.

Footage from early Monday morning shows long lines of vehicles along Gate Road, according to the source, who told Storyful it took them six hours to leave the Black Rock Desert site. “A bit too long for my tastes, worth it though,” they said.

By the early hours of Tuesday, festival goers were urged to turn off their engines to conserve gas as traffic delays continued.

“When most people try to leave Black Rock City on the same day, it creates long lines,” festival organizers said in an advice section on the website, advising people to make a departure plan to reduce the number of cars on the road. Credit: Quentin Coyote via Storyful

Video transcript

- Everybody's on the roof.

- I mean, it could be 16. Just pray it doesn't rain.

- Don't tell me that.


- They got it on there.


- Couldn't tell.

- That's a good sound lyric.

- Wow, look at that. Oh, look at that.


- Holy hell.

- Well, that was worth it.

- Look at the cover.

- Small rewards.

- Oh dude.

- Stupid plastic covers are almost $200.

- Yeah. I don't know what to do.

- I found out you paint them white with latex or the sun up here just kills the plastic, turns them yellow and then they just fall apart. That one, I'm going to replace the air.

- Maybe it does from this direction.

- I hope so.

- Whatever she's got to take, fine.

- How we waited three years.

- Know.

- Maybe they're more efficient.

- Yeah, I need that.

- I don't know. These are 39-years-old.