Burst pipe leaves Texas apartment complex covered in icicles

This apartment complex in Austin, Texas, was covered in icicles after a burst pipe was left running for nine hours as wintry conditions gripped the state. Footage from February 16 shows the apartment complex's facade and stairwell covered in ice as running water is still heard. Filmer Jason Knott explained: "My initial reaction was that I knew there were older residents also living in my complex and they probably needed help saving their property, as well as getting down the ice-covered stairs. "It was a really scary situation since we couldn’t get a call back from the apartment complex or from the fire department. "Being a local Texan, I am not used to this type of weather. "This is by far the most extreme winter storm in my lifetime and I don’t think anyone here, including the city, was prepared for how bad it would get. "And unfortunately it’s not over yet since there is another freeze coming tonight."