Burton Joyce house fire neighbour recalls ambulance helicopter landing near his home

A fire-damaged property on Bridle Road in Burton Joyce, with smoke damage seen on the front exterior windows
-Credit: (Image: Nottingham Post)

A neighbour of a house hit by a serious fire in a Nottinghamshire village has recalled the moment an ambulance helicopter landed opposite his own home. Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue confirmed that it had crews from three fire stations attending what it described as a "serious house fire" in Burton Joyce.

Confirming the news at around 5.30pm on Saturday (July 6), the fire service said teams from the Stockhill, Arnold and Carlton stations were at the scene. The fire service also said a joint investigation had been launched into the incident with Nottinghamshire Police, with the force now said to be leading on the incident.

The property affected by the fire appears to be on Bridle Road, with smoke damage seen on exterior windows on the front of the property and one window boarded up. There was no fire service or police presence remaining at the scene at 9am on Sunday (July 7).

One elderly man who lives at the top of Bridle Road said: "The road was completely closed off all night. There were fire engines, police cars and the ambulance helicopter landed on the field opposite my house.

"I don't know who lives in the house [affected by the fire] but I would definitely know them if I saw them." The man said it was not the first major incident on the road during his time there, with a plane having crashed into the same field opposite his house in 1998, narrowly missing his property.

One man living next door to the affected property said he was the first person to go round to his neighbour's house when the fire began, but did not want to say anything more until further information had been provided by either Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue or Nottinghamshire Police. Both emergency services have been contacted for further information including on the scale of the damage at the property and whether a cause of the fire has been established.

Many neighbours on Bridle Road were not in during the time of the fire. One neighbour living opposite the affected property also said that she did not know the people in the house well but would "know them by sight."

The fire had been completely put out by Sunday morning and Bridle Road had been fully reopened. One eyewitness reported seeing multiple fire engines and police cars travelling down Nottingham Road in Burton Joyce during the fire.