Bus service cancelled after vomit found onboard vehicle

Vomit found onboard a Swindon bus cancelled the service. <i>(Image: Dave Cox)</i>
Vomit found onboard a Swindon bus cancelled the service. (Image: Dave Cox)

A Swindon bus service was cancelled for an unusual reason this weekend.

The number 5 bus, which was set to run at 8.40pm on Saturday, November 25, had to be cancelled after someone threw up onboard.

Described by Swindon Bus Company as a “very occasional occurrence”, the incident which took place in the bus’ saloon rendered the vehicle unusable for the public.

Paul Coyne, Swindon’s Bus Company operations manager said: “A passenger was unwell on one of our service 5 buses on Saturday evening.

“We immediately withdrew the vehicle from service to have it cleaned, which meant our 8.40pm service did not run.

“I’d like to apologise for any inconvenience this caused.”

Swindon’s buses are set to undergo widespread change with the reopening of Corporation Street after three months of key roadworks.

The closure has had an impact on bus services around the town centre, with services diverted via Manchester Road for the past three months.

With the imminent reopening of Corporation Street, Swindon’s bus services are set to change once more.

“We are continuing with our temporary timetables and routes until the end of service on the Friday, but we are urging those planning to travel with us from Saturday 2 December to make sure they are aware of the changes,” said Swindon’s Bus Company general manager, Andrew Sherrington.