Bus route restored to serve isolated Cambridgeshire communities

Stagecoach has been appointed to run the route.
-Credit: (Image: Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)

A bus route that offers a vital link between local communities is to be restored from June 3. The route runs from Stamford to Peterborough and back, stopping at Wittering, Wansford, Ailsworth, Castor and Longthorpe.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority Mayor Dr Nik Johnson and Deputy Mayor Anna Smith were taken on a tour by a bus campaign group to Wittering, Castor, Ailsworth and Wansford in September last year to speak to residents and hear the negative impact of isolation the villagers face. This included a £25 cost of taxis to get to medical appointments.

Following the visit, Mayor Dr Nik Johnson and Cllr Anna Smith worked with Combined Authority Officers to find a way to restore this route, preventing communities along it from becoming isolated. Stagecoach has been appointed to run the route.

A meeting was held with Wittering residents on Friday, May 10, to discuss the details of the new route further, with the launch to commence on June 3.

Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough said Dr Nik Johnson said: “I know how important good quality public transport is for so many of our residents, which is why we at the combined authority have been working hard to find a way to get this bus route working again, and I’m delighted to announce that it will return in the coming weeks.”

Other improvements made by the Combined Authority include 30 new and improved routes to be introduced later this year thanks to the money received from the Mayoral Precept. Under 25s in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough can now apply for a special ‘Tiger’ bus pass offering £1 fares as part of the Combined Authority’s work to revamp public transport in the region.

The lower fares are aimed at helping young people get around the region more affordably, to places of education and training, jobs, shopping, seeing friends and family, and more. To apply, free of cost to the cardholder visit www.cambridgeshirepeterborough-ca.gov.uk/onepoundbusfare.