Business becomes one of the first to get accredited eco-friendly website

CHAIR: Shane Heath of Eco-friendly web alliance.
CHAIR: Shane Heath of Eco-friendly web alliance.

A Carlisle business has become one of the first in the UK to have an accredited eco-friendly website.

Carlisle Brass, the UK's largest specialised developer of door and window furniture, has gone through the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA) accreditation process, bringing their site beneath the recommended level of under one gram of carbon emissions per page view.

Scientific advisors recommend that websites should not emit more than one gram of CO2 per page view.

In line with those recommendations, the Carlisle Brass team has reduced its website’s page size and optimised it further - with future audits in line to ensure site remains eco-friendly.

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The EFWA argues that if even a fraction of the world’s websites changed to keep their page size low and optimised, potentially millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions could be prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Shane Herath, Chair of the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance, said: "People tend not to think of the internet as something which contributes to climate change.

"But the amount of electricity it consumes is staggering, and unless we find a way to make that sustainable it will be increasingly difficult for the world to meet its climate change targets.

"It’s especially important that companies in e-commerce who depend on their website for doing business have a sustainable approach.

"If websites are getting high volumes of traffic as part of their business model, it’s even more important that every time someone visits their page this does not result in excessive energy use.

"The work done by Carlisle Brass in reducing this impact is a great example for other businesses in e-commerce to follow," he said.

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