Businesswoman breaks ankle after fighting off gang of eight moped robbers in London

Jonathan Mitchell
Fashion executive Alexandra Meyers broke her ankle when she was targeted by thugs

A fashion executive who was targeted by a gang of moped thugs as she walked her dog has told of how she fought off eight robbers.

Alexandra Meyers, 41, said she kicked one of the attackers so hard she shattered her ankle during the terrifying attack in London.

Her ordeal comes in the midst of a moped-enabled crime epidemic in the capital.

On Thursday, five people were injured when moped drivers went on an acid attack rampage across north and east London.

A man was also stabbed to death by moped drivers after an “altercation” in Greenwich less than 24 hours later.

A teenager is also fighting for his life after a stolen moped crashed into a police car in Wimbledon in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Ms Meyers, a fashion and luxury creative consultant and former UK communications director for jewellers Tiffany & Co, said she was attacked in broad daylight by eight moped drivers.

Alexandra Meyers broke her ankle as she fought off the attackers (Alexandra Meyers (Instagram))

She was walking her dog in west London when the attackers struck.

Ms Meyers told the Mail on Sunday: “I was chatting to a friend on the phone when a powerful-looking moped with two men aboard came up on to the pavement, quite slowly.

“They stopped abruptly in front of me and just grabbed my left hand with the phone in it and tried to get it. I instinctively did not let go.

“Then they saw I had a watch on and tried to put it off but the metal bracelet had a security clasp preventing it coming off my wrist.

“At that moment another moped came up next to me and I heard a sound behind me when another pair appeared on a third bike. I was cornered with my back to the wall.”

She said mopeds mounted the pavement, each carrying two leather-clad riders in helmets.

Police have recorded a spike in moped-enabled crime across London

The attackers let go of Ms Meyers when she began kicking and punching the moped drivers.

She said a car then mounted the pavement and knocked one of the mopeds over, giving her the chance to grab her dog and flee.

Ms Meyers added: “At that point I remember seeing a car mounting the kerb and knocking the bike behind me over with the two people on it. That is what gave me a chance to pick up the dog and start running.

“I could feel that I’d broken my ankle but the adrenaline just took over and pushed me on. Then I saw the gang was coming back for me again and I noticed a black cab approaching.

“I threw myself into the road, pleading with the driver to stop.”

Ms Meyers added she said she feel lucky to escape the ordeal without life changing injuries.

She was taken to hospital and treated for a broken ankle.