Busted star ready to put on a show in "amazing" setting at Stirling Summer Sessions get underway

Busted drummer and singer Matt Willis is preparing to tear the house down in their headline Stirling gig
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images For Bauer Media)

Busted star Matt Willis admits the band couldn’t pass up the opportunity to rock in the shadow of Stirling Castle - and believes their Summer Sessions show could be a highlight of a busy summer.

The 41-year-old drummer and singer is a famous face both inside and outside of the trio, having also gained followers for winning the sixth series of reality show ‘I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!’.

But sharing the stage with bandmates Charlie Simpson and James Bourne is his true passion, and he’s ready to delight the crowds at the City Park for the second Summer Sessions gig on Friday night.

Willis and his bandmates have come off a big set at a rainy Download Festival earlier this month but insist the energy will be fully there as they hope to deliver a special night for the Stirling crowd.

He told the Observer: “I love playing Scotland so much and I know people say this all the time, but you can’t really ask for a better crowd.

“Some places you go and you wonder if they are going to be up for it, but we don’t have to think that because it’s part of the furniture.

Busted will be the main attraction for the gig on Friday night
Busted will be the main attraction for the gig on Friday night -Credit:Getty Images For Bauer Media

“We don’t take that for granted, we go out there and give it everything we’ve got - I mean we’re playing by a castle which just feels epic.

“These gigs just come up and it’s like playing Stirling Castle, yeah that sounds amazing. It’s a very different vibe for us - well it’s very Charlie Simpson to play a castle, but it’s not very me!”

“I want to get into the run of it, summer is a really fun time when you are playing all of these festivals although I don’t like the sporadic nature of it sometimes.

“I like the feeling of being in a run of shows and luckily Stirling falls in one of those so we’ll be in the zone. Download really starts the summer for us and that will put us into the rhythm of making the show a bit slicker and smoother as we go along.”

Busted will take to the stage as the headline act on Friday’s bill alongside fellow rockers The Darkness and Eurovision pop favourites Dadi Freyr - with Willis waxing lyrical about Darkness lead singer Justin Hawkins.

Darkness lead singer Justin Hawkins will also delight crowds
Darkness lead singer Justin Hawkins will also delight crowds -Credit:Getty Images

He is hoping for a big night playing some of their old favourites, almost 25 years on from the trio first hitting the stage with their pop-punk anthems.

“It’s going to be a good one, I’m a big Darkness fan”, Willis added.

“I remember seeing them in London just before they released their first record and I went to this little bar off Tottenham Court Road and Justin Hawkins played it like Wembley Stadium.

“There were maybe 150 people and it was the most epic night so I’m really excited to see them.

“I’m 41 and going on stage and singing songs about fancying a school teacher - the irony is not lost on me but the fact I’m still doing this is still amazing.

“We’ve known so many brilliant bands over the years who have come and gone for whatever reason and we are still here and doing this.

“We’re in rehearsals and played a few good shows which have gone well, but we want to make each show better, more slick, making sure we look at how we can make it different for the crowd.

“A Busted show is a time to forget about the world and all of the other things going on, let’s relive a time in our lives when we didn’t worry about all of that, we were just worried about having a great time, jumping about with our friends and enjoying life.

“For that hour and a half, I know I do that and I want everyone to share in that - we’re going to put on the best show we possibly can and give it everything and I hope everyone has a great night.”