How to buy Race Across the World board game in time for new season

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How to buy Race Across the World board gameBBC

Race Across the World has a celebrity season starting this week, which means it's the perfect time to have your own adventure with the show's board game.

The BBC competition series challenges pairs of contestants to travel across far-flung spots on the globe, with the first team to reach the finish line earning a cash prize.

Armed only with the cash equivalent of a one-way plane ticket to each location, the pairs must show ingenuity and endurance to get to each location — without flying!

The board game version follows the same basic premise: Players get to pick a companion of their choice (nine total are available), each with their own skills and benefits.

Players have many options for how they want to try to reach the finish line — whether that's spending their cash as quickly as possible to get to the next checkpoint or taking a slower approach to make the money last.

There are two maps you can play from, as well as Job and Chance cards that may force you to change your route or give you a much-needed boost when you've spent your last quid.

The Race Across the World board game is currently available from several retailers, including Amazon UK (for £24.95), John Lewis & Partners (£25) and Menkind (also £25).

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The show's new Celebrity series will feature Strictly Come Dancing winner and McFly drummer Harry Judd and his mum Emma, All Saints singer Melanie Blatt and mum Helene, Good Morning Britain's Alex Beresford and father Noel as well as racing driver Billy Monger and sister Bonny.

The four pairs will start their journey in Marrakesh, Morrocco, before enduring a 10,000-kilometre journey across 24 countries, culminating in Tromsø, Norway.

Celebrity Race Across the World launches its six-episode series on Wednesday (September 20) on BBC One at 9pm.

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