BYOMA Body Is Here To Disrupt Your Hygiene Routine

Beloved beauty brand BYOMA has officially launched into bodycare with it's new BYOMA Body line. The brand released nine new products, consisting Nourishing Body Oil, Smoothing Body Serum, Smoothing Body Polish, Brightening Body Wash, Brightening Body Lotion, Hydrating Body Wash, Hydrating Body Lotion and Sensitive Skin Body Wash.

BYOMA aims to "bring best-in-class barrier care and skin-compatible science below the neck" through its new body products. There are several active skincare ingredients used in the new collection, including niacinamide, azelaic acid, succinic acid and blue tansy. The  formula is made to treat body blemishes, improve uneven complexions and brighten skin.

Skincare, Bodycare, BYOMA, beauty
Skincare, Bodycare, BYOMA, beauty

The brand is fully committed to disrupting the bodycare industry by making body products of the same caliber as skincare. The company believes that "traditionally, consumers have had to make a choice between clinically effective shower products that comprise on user experience and daily use washes that smell good but aren't as effective," as they put it. Now, BYOMA is stepping up in hopes of bridging the gap with a line of beautifully fragranced, dermatologist-backed products.

The new line is now available for purchase on the brand's website. For more bodycare news, check out our coverage of Billie's new line.