The C**k Destroyers’ Slag Wars reached its big climax – and the winner is ready to make the world a more inclusive place

Reiss Smith
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The Cock Destroyers found their third official member in the finale of Slag Wars.

It was always going to be the Cock Destroyers who saved reality TV in 2020, if you think about it. With Love Island on a pandemic-enforced (but frankly, welcome) break, and RuPaul still scratching her wig over trans representation, Slag Wars swept in with a bold premise: to platform queer sex workers in a proudly sex-positive format.

The show won plaudits for its celebratory approach to queer bodies and sexuality; its diverse set of contestants and of course, for giving the world more Cock Destroyers content to guzzle down.

Almost 1 million people have watched the series – which, considering it was made on a relatively shoestring budget by a gay porn producer, is nothing to sniff at. Discussions are underway for a second season, which will hopefully be bigger, better and even more more inclusive.

But before we can look ahead, there’s the all-important matter of this season’s big climax. Warning – spoilers follow.

After an exhilarating search, Rebecca More and Sophie Anderson have crowned Tyreece Nye the next Destroyer. A Black non-binary dancer and sex worker from London, Tyreece spoke frankly throughout the series about the challenges they have faced with tokenism and fetishisation, and their struggle to be seen as a proud member of the trans community.

Tyreece Nye in a denim bikini top and a belt harness dripping with diamanté's
Tyreece is the next Cock Destroyer. (Supplied)

As they prepare to go out and despunk the world (in a safe and socially-distanced manner, of course), Tyreece caught up with PinkNews about the experience and how they want to use their platform to support non-binary folks and people of colour, and to end taboos around sex work.

Congratulations Tyreece! What does it mean to you to have won Slag Wars?

It’s an absolute gag that I won, I’m so excited to be the official third Cock Destroyer. Growing up I always felt different and outcast by multiple communities so to now be celebrated for being 100 per cent me is so refreshing. Being non-binary and a person of colour means I’m a double minority so representation is everything. I stan for my community and I hope I did them proud.

What do you hope the success of the show – and your win – does for other sex workers and for queer artists in general?

You often see the phrase “sex work is work” but for me I’ve never seen such a wide variety of people from the sex work industry together in one place being celebrated. In terms of the queer community, male drag queens have a commercialised platform that can project them into stardom – even in the straight world. But for people like me and the other contestants on the show, we are still seen as the outsiders. The Cock Destroyers have helped bring forward a diverse group of sex workers that are all sex-positive, who shine a light on an industry that still battles with the mainstream day in day out. Hopefully this show will help remove the taboo around sex work.

What do you hope viewers who aren’t sex workers – and who maybe have little knowledge of the industry other than consuming content – take away from the series?

First of all, we exist as living, breathing, beautifully-created entities. Between us we have normal relationships, supportive families, day jobs and ambitions just like everybody else. As a viewer I would love for people to be inspired, to maybe change their opinions on what a sex worker looks like and acts like, because the stigma often dictates us as slags. Slag, by the way, is a word we have reclaimed!

Tyreece in a pink satin gown with a big bow on the back
Tyreece Nye. (Supplied)

Any tips for viewers who are inspired by the show to start making their own content?

Stay safe, keep it cute and be sure it’s the right decision for you. Sex work isn’t a quick fix for a financial struggle – it’s a lifestyle and believe me, it’s hard work.

What was your highlight of the entire experience?

It may sound cliche but in all honesty my highlight was probably being given this platform by the Cock Destroyers to be who the f**k I want to be and be celebrated for that.

What did you think of your fellow competitors?

I can’t stand any of them (laughs). Sounds like family to me!

What was the best part of working with the Cock Destroyers and Matthew Camp?

Being a Cock Destroyer fan from the moment they burst onto our screens with the iconic “Do you know what we are…” videos, I can honestly say meeting them was a real dream. What you see is what you get with those slags, 100 per cent authentic on and off screen. And Matthew … Matthew, Matthew, Matthew… the daddy of all daddies, what a pleasure that was.

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