The Cabins viewers delighted as romance blossoms for same-sex couple

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Photo credit: 12 Yard - ITV
Photo credit: 12 Yard - ITV

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The Cabins, ITV2's brand-new dating show, whisked us away to the secluded cabins again tonight (January 5) and it seemed that things were really heating up between the couples – well, two of them at least.

In last night's debut episode, we were introduced to Olivia and Tom, Sarah and Charlotte, and Sofia and Abraham, and all three pairs decided to stay checked in to their cabins for another 24 hours.

Tonight's second episode gave us an opportunity to get to know the daters even better, as they enjoyed time in the great outdoors together and shared some emotional heart-to-hearts.

Photo credit: 12 Yard - ITV
Photo credit: 12 Yard - ITV

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In the appropriately-named Otter's Pocket, Charlotte and Sarah headed out in search of an otter as Charlotte jokingly asked Sarah how long she has had an "otter obsession".

"I've not got an otter obsession! They're just cute," Sarah said. "They hold hands. It's adorable. They find a partner and go to sleep holding it so they don't lose them."

Charlotte then teasingly asked Sarah if that was why she had held hands with her in bed last night, saying that she had been "treating me like an otter in bed!"

Later that evening, the pair indulged in a soak in the hot tub and they soon opened up to each other about their initial impressions of one another.

Photo credit: 12 Yard - ITV
Photo credit: 12 Yard - ITV

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Charlotte admitted that she had immediately thought Sarah was "really hot" and "a bit out of my league", to which Sarah responded: "Don't say that. That would upset me if you thought that."

Sarah went on to explain that she is very keen for her personality to be seen as more important than her looks, saying: "I've always been told the only thing I've got is my looks. Leagues aren't a thing. I would hope someone would say I'm the person they want to be with because I'm funny, or I can talk or make them feel better.

"I'd hate someone to be like, 'I'm with her because she's fit'. You've got to be attracted to someone... At the end of the day everyone gets old."

The pair's night ended romantically as they had another honest heart-to-heart in a swing chair while eating dessert, before later sharing a kiss in bed.

Viewers were delighted to see the couple's romance going from strength to strength:

Sadly, things weren't going so well for Sofia and Abraham, after Abraham decided that they should sleep separately again. They shared a slightly awkward goodnight hug, before Abraham told Sofia to "take care" – and the next day, while Sofia was pouring her heart out to Abraham, he got up and walked off to fart.

Photo credit: 12 Yard - ITV
Photo credit: 12 Yard - ITV

Viewers at home were left cringing at Abraham's behaviour:

When the time came for decisions to be made, Sarah and Charlotte and Olivia and Tom both decided to stay another 24 hours, while Sofia and Abraham unsurprisingly opted to call it a day and head home after Sofia became convinced that Abraham wasn't really interested in a relationship. She even chucked the flowers he'd given her in the bin.

Tomorrow, we'll meet another new couple – but will romance blossom or will things turn south as quickly as they did for Sofia and Abraham?

The Cabins continues tomorrow night (January 6) at 9pm on ITV2.

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