Cadbury fans excited for 'yum' limited edition chocolate bar spotted in B&M

Cadbury fans have shared their excitement after a rare chocolate treat was spotted on B&M shelves. Shoppers are desperate to try the limited edition Cadbury chocolate bar.

Some have even been left disappointed after struggling to get hold of the new arrival. Cadbury's Honeycomb Sundae-flavoured version of its iconic Twirl was launched last year and is a regular in Australia.

But it has now made a return to the UK and is being stocked at B&M. In the Newfoodsuk Facebook group, shoppers were told how the chocolate bar is available to buy.

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The chocolate features two bars of honeycomb sundae flavoured swirls and curls coated in Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate. Fans were quick to share their excitement.

One fan said: "Every time I go they’ve sold out or have none!!! Ineed these back in my life." Another said: "They look yum."

The Honeycomb Sundae Twirl bar
The Honeycomb Sundae Twirl bar -Credit:Newfoodsuk/Facebook

While a third added: "These look nice." One customer wrote: "Will need to look out for these when I go back."

While another said: "I looked last week couldnt find any ..was disappointed meh."