Café For Stray Dogs: Greek Coffee House Lets Sleeping Dogs Lie Inside During Winter


A café in Greece is letting stray dogs sleep inside the premises at night to take shelter from the winter cold.

The Hott Spott café on the island of Lesbos has opened its doors to the animals who have nowhere else to sleep.

An image of dogs sleeping inside the café was posted on Facebook earlier this month and has almost 1,500 likes.

It was posted by Eustratios Papanis, assistant professor of sociology at the University of the Aegean.

He wrote: “This picture was taken at a coffee shop in the island of Lesvos, North Aegean Sea, Greece.

“The country has strict laws about animal protection, but culture and knowledge are the key factors for changing long standing indifference, negligence or maltreatment.

“More than 700.000 refugees from Syria and other Middle East countries have entered Europe from this island this year and solidarity towards humans and animals was remarkable.”

The café is located in Mytilene, the island’s capital, and closes at 3am to its human customers and lets the dogs in for the night.

It has been letting sleeping dogs lie since the summer.

(Picture: Eustratios Papanis/Facebook)

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