Caitlyn Jenner spotted getting a Subway at a UK motorway service station

Caitlyn Jenner was spotted getting a footlong meatball marinara in a Subway sandwich shop at a UK motorway service station. 

Former I'm A Celeb star, Caitlyn, 70, was filmed ordering a "footlong meatless meatball marinara" at Membury Service Station, just off the M4, according to onlookers.

The services were hailed as the best in the UK in the recent Gavin and Stacey Christmas special.

And it also seems to be good enough for A-list celebs and double Olympic gold medalists.

In the clip Jenner, wearing a long black overcoat and carrying a handbag, can be seen deciding what food to order for lunch.

She was travelling eastbound towards London and apparently ordered the fast food chain's brand new meatless meatball marinara melt on January 25

She was wearing Yeezy trainers and flanked by security guards.

An account manager, 24, who spotted her said: "I was starstruck, completely shocked.

"It's not every day you see an A-list celeb in the service station.

"She's the biggest celebrity I've ever seen and she was ordering a footlong subway.

"It shows she is just an average person like everyone else. She was getting her footlong fix."

The footage, filmed directly to Instagram, shows still images of Jenner standing in a line of people waiting to be served.

A video clip then shows her walking with security guards in a group of five people before getting into a black Mercedes car.

She can be seen carrying a Subway drinks carton.

Other people in her entourage can also be seen carry a KFC bucket, Subway foods and other purchases.

The man from Bristol who filmed the clip added: "We were driving towards London for a party. We stopped off for a KFC.

"I didn't notice her at first. We were sat in KFC and could see across to Subway.

"She had two security guards with her but clearly didn't want to be seen. She kept her head down a lot but she is massive, you can't really miss her.

"No one said anything to her or approached her."