California Highway Patrol Rescues Driver Stranded in Flooded Salinas River

A man stranded in an overflooded river was rescued by a California Highway Patrol air operations crew after his car was swept away in King City.

The CHP said the rising Salinas River washed away a car but the driver was able to escape the vehicle and get to an island amid the floodwater.

Footage from the CHP shows the air crew locate the man, lower the rescuer and raise him to the helicopter. The CHP said rescuers performed what is referred to as a “double pick” by lifting the rescuer and the stranded person at the same time.

The man was shaken but uninjured, the CHP reported. Credit: CHP – Coastal Division Air Operations via Storyful

Video transcript

- I think I got visual on them.

- Copy We got it. We got visual.

- Union B104.

- Hey, 70. I see additionally-- when you're ready to land later-- I have a bridge LZ ready for you.

- All right, switch flank left.

- All right, going to brace.

- On approach. We're at 150.

- Braced. All right, going down. On your left. Keep it moving. 3. Visual. 2. Keep it moving. 1. And hold your left. Ground in 3, 2, 1. Off the ground. Making his way to the victim. Disconnecting.

- You want me to disconnect, Johnny?

- Yeah. Go ahead and disconnect.

- Disconnecting.

- Bridge ICH-70. We're going to do a double pick, and we'll insert our rescuer and the victim to the LD, and then we'll come in for a landing once they've walked away.

- Copy that. Rescue patient first.

- 2, 1, and hold. You're hovering. Hold You're moving. Straight above you. Got you up. Hold your hover. Take the load up 3, 2, 1. Load is on.

- We're good. Squared away.

- All right, start your forward.

- Tomorrow, I see.

- On your right.

- Nice and easy. Nice and easy.

- Hand over it.

- Atta, boy.

- All right.

- Coming down. There you go. Just keep this line. There you go. Keep it forward. 3, 2, 1. And hold your forward. Good job. 10-feet. Around in 3, 2, 1. Hold. Go around. Disconnecting. Hold this.

- Looks good.

- All good over here. No debris. Nothing flying. Coming off.