California Paddleboarder Captures Moment He Gets Caught in Pelican 'Feeding Frenzy' With 360-Degree Camera

A paddleboarder in waters off the coast of California caught the moment he found himself in the midst of a flock of feeding pelicans earlier this month on a 360-degree camera.

Bill Clements uploaded the video of his encounter with the horde of birds, along with other sea creatures, to his @paddlegoat Instagram account.

The 360-degree camera footage captures Clements as he glides through the water, trying to get closer to the group of diving birds. When the birds eventually fly away, other sea animals can be seen breaching the surface of the water.

Clements posted the video on January 3, writing that everywhere he turned, “there were pelicans plunging into the water.” He also expressed his hope that the camera’s perspective would help viewers understand “just how many there were.”

A local whale-watching business says that California brown pelicans frequently rest along the Dana Point breakwater. Credit: @paddlegoat via Storyful

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