California's Coronavirus Shutdown Protested by Small Crowd at Huntington Beach

Around 100 people took to the streets in Huntington Beach, California, to protest against the state’s coronavirus lockdown order on April 17.

California Governor Gavin Newsom said the state’s lockdown measures were flattening the curve, referring to the rate of new infections, but residents needed to continue to practice social distancing and stay home.

A nurse working in Orange County filmed this video and was shocked by the scene.

“As an American, I support the right to peacefully protest, fight for your rights and for what you believe in. However as a nurse, I cannot condone mass gathering that are a breeding ground for potential transmission when we are so close to bending our curve,” lacey_babey told Storyful.

“Covid19 is a very real threat to our community. An enemy that I am fighting on the frontlines, and risking my own life, and my families life for. Please just hold on a little longer and have faith that what we are doing is saving lives.”

The Friday protest in California was one of several protests across the United States to happen, with similar protests seen in Minnesota and Oregon.

According to state health authorities there were 27,528 confirmed cases of coronavirus on April 17 and 985 people had died from the virus. Credit: lacey_babey via Storyful