Call The Midwife to 'keep on going'

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Call The Midwife to 'keep on going' credit:Bang Showbiz
Call The Midwife to 'keep on going' credit:Bang Showbiz

'Call The Midwife' Heidi Thomas expects the show to "keep on going".

Production has started on the 12th season of the programme - set in the late 1960s - with series 13 already approved by the BBC and Heidi said: "I think in principle, it could go into the 1970s."

Speaking to Radio Times, she added: "The order of nuns on whom the Nonnatus nuns are based stay in the East End until 1976, but I think more importantly than that single historic fact is that of women’s lives and the lives of the working classes as well, because increasingly over the years we’ve written about them, which I think also brings in a fresh dynamic which is always changing.

"There are so many stories to tell, medically, socially, even emotionally, and I think we could keep on going. The proviso I would give is that at the moment we’re only commissioned for series 12, which we’re halfway through filming, and series 13, which we will make next year.

"And beyond that we don’t know what plans the BBC has, so yes we would be waiting on news from them I think."

And she has promised that fans can expect some exciting storylines in the upcoming series.

She said: "Again, we’re looking at some very strong stories about the way society was changing at that time. And that can be as simple as ventouse delivery coming in as a sort of, improvement, or alternative, to forceps certainly."

'Call the Midwife' first aired on BBC One in January 2012, with Jessica Raine, Pam Ferris, Bryony Hannah and Miranda Hart in the original cast.

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