Call The Midwife viewers moved by emotional suffragette story

Call The Midwife viewers were “moved to tears” by Annette Crosbie’s performance as an elderly suffragette.

The Scottish actress, 84, appeared in the BBC drama on Sunday night as a hoarder named Clarice Millgrove who is struggling to keep her independence.

Fans of the 1960s-set series were blown away by Clarice’s touching story.

MP David Lammy was among those to comment, writing on Twitter: “This episode of #CallTheMidwife has got me in pieces. Annette Crosbie as Miss Millgrove the old suffragette just so inspiring.”

One viewer posted: “This episode was so poignant and emotive! The suffragette storyline was so powerful and handled so sensitively I found myself sobbing – ‘A woman of substance’ – perfection in script writing! Thankful for this amazing programme.”

“Tonight’s #callthemidwife moved me to tears,” said another.

One said: “Bloody hell, #CallTheMidwife. That one has left me in bits. Annette Crosbie. Just brilliant.”

Many viewers said they were pleased to see a suffragette’s story told – and loved the fact Clarice donned the movement’s colours.

One person wrote: “Loved that they showed a suffragette years after fighting for women to vote! It makes you think what they went through could have given them mental health issues later in life! I feel so proud and emotional to think what they went through so we can have the vote!”

Another posted: “#CallTheMidwife was such a powerful episode. It is a true privilege as a woman to go to the polling stations each time without any barrier to my freedom to vote, the Suffragette movement will forever be an essential piece of history that we cannot forget.”

“She’s wearing the Suffragette colours! Every week this programme makes me cry big tears,” said another.

Call The Midwife continues on BBC One.