Caller praises Labour Brexit position and accuses Andrew Pierce of 'Corbyn-bashing'

Staff writer

One LBC caller doesn't feel like she needs to be told by Jeremy Corbyn which way to vote in a second referendum - and she's happy with that.

The caller, Hannah, said: "This is media Corbyn-bashing, isn't it?

"And you, being one of the main proponent proponents of this Corbyn-bashing, forever and a day, I don't flipping care what Corbyn's position is on Brexit.

"I don't need him to lead me by the ear like sheep to decide my position after three years.

I mean, what more could Corbyn give me? He's giving me plenty of choices"

Andrew Pierce and Hannah discussed his proposals to have a second referendum and remain neutral on it.

Hannah said: "I have no problem with that. This is Corbyn-bashing.

"I've had three years as I've just said, to make up my own mind. I'm well-informed now.

"I don't want him necessarily as the as a prime minister, or to influence my decision anymore.

"He is leaving it to me. Who doesn't like to be able to make an independence choice?

What is wrong with that?"

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