Calls to 'leave countryside alone' as plans for 40 new homes in Coventry get the green light

Plans for 40 homes on Fivefield Road in Keresley, Coventry
-Credit: (Image: Ophir Architecture)

Plans for 40 homes to be built on old Coventry greenbelt land have received recommendation for approval, despite local objections - and the latest move in the Keresley Sustainable Urban Extension scheme has readers in the Coventry Live comments section asking "what is the point of greenbelt land?".

The latest plan involves knocking down existing structures on farmland at Hall Hill Cottage on Fivefield Road. The bid is opposed by three local councils and received 26 objections, but officers have recommended that city councillors approve it.

The local councils highlighted an increase in traffic and "lack of bus service", while residents raised concerns over services like schools and doctors, highways, drainage and flooding. The report said that developers will pay towards things like an extended bus service and cycle routes to reduce the impact of the scheme.

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Reader Greenplanet said: "They call this the Keresley Sustainable Urban extension. No link road, no bus service, school not being built, Doctors surgery at breaking point. No sporting facilities. This particular development for 40 homes is the furthest distance away from all amenities and not in walking distance. This should be labelled the UNSUSTAINABLE URBAN EXTENSION."

Commenter HitTheResetButton wrote: "Why do the council bother having residents meetings? It makes absolutely zero difference. Also what is the point of greenbelt land if we constantly just build up to it then change its name so we can concrete over it? Eventually we are going to run out of space!"

"Why not build upwards in the city centre and create thousands of apartments/homes whilst also creating a vibrant city centre. That way we could leave the countryside as is, and give people somewhere to escape to?"

Rockstargeorgiesaint said: "Why do they need to build on greenbelt land in the first place? The council talk a lot about pollution and reducing vehicle emissions yet they're happy to chop down trees and turn green fields into concrete."

Paulthered added: "Complete eyesore and nuisance on, what is now, a beautiful country lane."

On our Facebook Page, Sylvie Rylatt wrote: "Build! Build! Build! They won't stop until every bit of green land has been taken away and flood plains are created." Dean Griffiths said: "Keresley will soon be a small town. Disgraceful."

Would you rather see Coventry build "upwards" or build "outwards"? Comment below, and join in on the conversation.

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