Calm in Canary Wharf by Ariana Ahmad, Tolworth Girls School

Architecture at Canary Wharf. <i>(Image: Ariana Ahmad, The Young Reporter's scheme)</i>
Architecture at Canary Wharf. (Image: Ariana Ahmad, The Young Reporter's scheme)

Dear Reader, I want to introduce you to the sweetest must-visit spot in London…

Canary Wharf is located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, in East London, and is a great business district in London. In addition to being London’s second thriving financial district, Canary Wharf is a wondrously scenic, and surreal tourist attraction; from its abstract industrial architecture, to the great body of water which surrounds actual the city- this is indefinitely a worthwhile area to visit.

Canary Wharf features a vast number of high-rise skyscrapers, and increasingly tall modern buildings, which graciously tower over the intricate pathways and organised roads below. The city is home to the third tallest building in the whole of the UK; One Canada Square, which daringly overshadows its neighbouring structures. Other buildings within the area also date back to around 1991, and are of similar builds.

Whilst in the area, you are constantly close to the sea and will undoubtedly feel instantly refreshed by the whimsical outdoor feel of its environment- allowing you to feel a greater sense of freedom and altogether less constricted, in opposition to the crowded nature of central London. The open layout of the entire district enables all to take in the sights, whilst enjoying a leisurely day out; whether it be through exploring the local shopping centres located underneath the district, or discovering the nearby cuisines, one is always entertained!

The district also consists of many open, green spaces- giving the public the opportunity to reconnect with nature, and find serenity within city-life. Some of these areas include; Crossrail Palace Roof Garden, an advanced plantation and sustainable activity space; Cabot Square, with its main highlight of a grand fountain; Canada Square Park, the heart of several cultural events; and Harbour Quay, which is dockside, and close to the sea- just to name a few! These public spaces enable all to socialise and interact in the great outdoors- or even explore the shops and businesses within the great indoors!

Additionally, the entirety of Canary Wharf is largely rich in history. There are currently two Marinas in the area; West India Quays and Poplar Dock. Canary Wharf is also home to London museum of Docklands, where history and culture is at its finest. I highly recommend visiting this attraction to gain more insight into the past of Canary Wharf, itself.

As well as this, various art installations can be found all across Canary Wharf- so there’s always something to spot and observe!

Boredom is simply non-existent here!