Calm Down Guys - Harry Styles DEFINITELY Didn't Get Chlamydia From A Koala

…oh, and for the record, he’s also definitely NOT in a relationship with Barack Obama.

Finally, Michelle can sleep easy for the first time in years.

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In case you hadn’t heard, Harry Styles was on The Graham Norton Show last night – mainly to discuss his new song (no longer number one, sadly) and album – but of course, other important topics came to the fore.

The One Direction alumnus took part in a segment of the show called ‘The Warren Beatty Deadpan Challenge’, where he had to keep a straight face when asked about a variety of rumours.

Of course, how could Koala-gate not come up?

When asked if he’d got an STI after holding a Koala on a promotional trip to Australia, Harry was quick to reply that “I’d like to confirm that’s not true.”

However, he struggled to not laugh when challenged about his rumoured affair with the former President of the United States.

They weren’t the only talking points surrounding Hazza’s appearance on the couch either – his choice of outfit raised a few eyebrows too.

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His custom-made Gucci suit featured flared satin pants which were emblazoned with a red Chinese-style dragon.

Very 1998.

Fellow guest, comedian Rob Brydon, said to Harry: “You got the pyjamas I sent you, I see.”

His appearance on last night’s show (filmed Wednesday) marked the first live performance of the song in the UK. He told Graham: “I am excited and really proud of it. I worked quite hard on it.”

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