Cam girl trolled for looking pregnant says she 'laughs at haters' as she rakes in up to $1,000 per video

A 'cam girl' trolled for "looking pregnant" and told she "doesn't have the looks" but "laughs at haters" as she rakes in up to $1,000 per steamy video. Farra Love, 37, turned to livestreaming four years ago after doing countless office jobs and never finding one she loved. So the self-proclaimed "spicy" content creator began live-streaming her saucy sessions - and it proved a hit with her following. Farra works for a maximum of four hours a day - and some months takes home as much as $6k. She live streams herself having fun watching football or getting steamy in the shower. But she is plagued by trolls on social media who tell her she "doesn't have the looks" to be in the industry. Due to being curvy, she is accused of "looking pregnant" - which she is not. But she says she "laughs at haters" - because she makes as much as $1,000 in one livestream. Farra, from Colombia, Maine, US, said: "I love my work. I will always do sex work, even when I'm old. "I sometimes I'm a bit shy first going live, but as soon as people tipping me because they love what I'm doing, I just forget the nerves. "I actually find it hilarious when people make comments about my looks online - it doesn't affect me. "People say I'm too fat or that I look pregnant - I think I get that comment every single day. "Lots claim I am 'unconventionally pretty' - which is basically saying that I'm ugly! "But I am proof that anyone with any looks and any size can do this - and people will pay you, even if you look like me. "Trolls online want to try to make fun of things about me but I'm capitalising on it. "Those things that they criticise are the same things willing to pay for - so the jokes on them." Farra said she had never found a job she loved and had tried "over 100" before giving sex work a go. But within one day of her first livestream session, she realised how easy it was to make money and found herself "hooked" and felt like she could "conquer the world". She earns money by people paying her in 'tokens' during her livestreams - the equivalent of being tipped. She livestreams daily but will spend a maximum of four hours a day working - and reckons she "could be a millionaire working full-time". Farra chooses to live "frugally" in a $5k van on a plot of rural land. This is to allow her to up sticks and travel whenever she fancies a change of environment - because she can livestream from anywhere. Enjoying a natural life, she spends her free time doing things like gardening, art and candle-making. She grows vegetables and has chickens which lay eggs - and she shares everything she harvests with people in her local community. She said: "The beautiful thing about my job is every day is different and I can think creatively and do whatever content I want to do. "Outside of work I have time to do all the other things that I want to do as well." Each daily stream will bring in between $100 and $300 dollars - but her best brought in a whopping $1,000. She also does custom requests at $100 a pop - if people are after something more personal. She found followers were flocking to enjoy her spicy content - and she gets showered with compliments from adoring fans. But Farra revealed she can be plagued by comments from trolls who criticise her looks and size. She said people call her fat due to her curves - and she is asked if she is pregnant "every single day". She added people accuse her of being "too old" or say she "doesn't have the looks" to do porn. But she revealed none of the criticisms affect her - and she finds the daily insults "hilarious". She said: "I get people saying I'm fat, but I also get people telling me they don't want me to lose any weight. "I am the size I am - maybe one day I'll lose weight, but maybe I won't. "I get the pregnant question every single day - at the start it did upset me, but now I just laugh every time." She feels like an advocate for "the normal everyday woman" - instead of made-up, surgically enhanced porn stars which are considered 'the norm' in that industry. Farra revealed she also gets praised by fans for wearing minimal make-up, or sometimes none at all. She said: "We see so many glamorous people filled with fillers and injections to look airbrushed and beautiful, that's fine, but that’s not the general person. "That's not me, and I'm OK with that." She revealed while she is "not totally confident all the time" the comments don't affect her at all, and she "wouldn't change anything" about herself. Farra said: "I'm just proof that anyone with any looks and any size can be successful in this industry. "It's all about how you put your personality into it as well. "Trolls want to try and make fun of me, but people are willing to pay a lot of money to watch me. "I just laugh - the joke's on them."