Cambodian Students Build Drone Capable of Carrying Passenger

Students at the National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia (NPIC) built a human-carrying drone which was filmed flying around their campus.

Thuok David, who is Head of the NPIC drone film project, shared footage of test flights that were filmed between September 17 to 27. Students can be seen sitting in and manoeuvring the drone as it glides over a field. A point-of-view shot shows the drone taking off, flying slowly, and then landing on the grass.

According to ABC News, the drone has eight propellers and uses a school chair for the pilot’s seat. Lonh Vannsith, the drone pilot, told ABC News that he hoped the drone could be used as a drone taxi or to assist firefighters working in high-rise buildings in the future. Credit: Thuok David via Storyful

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