Cambridge Strawberry Fair: Banned items, parking and how to enter the free music and arts festival

Strawberry Fair
-Credit: (Image: David Johnson Photographic)

A free festival celebrating art and music is set to return for its 50th year this weekend. Strawberry Fair, a Cambridge institution, is entirely run by volunteers and is family and dog-friendly.

The festival will return on Saturday, June 1 on Midsummer Common bringing a range of music and performances from more than 100 groups. The fair will also include community stalls and a kids park complete with an "enchanting ice queen from the fantastic Little Dreamers Entertainment".

According to the organisers, the festival usually attracts over 30,000 visitors throughout the day. Read below for a list of banned items and information on parking, public transportation and food.

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How do I enter Strawberry Fair?

There are four ways to enter: Maid’s Causeway, Victoria Avenue Bridge, Jesus Green and Walnut Tree Avenue. The festival has asked visitors not to leave bicycles secured to the perimeter fence.

What items are banned from Strawberry Fair?

Strawberry Fair 2022
Festivalgoers relaxing at Strawberry Fair -Credit:David Johnson Photographic

Although it's free and inclusive for all, there are some rules for the day. These include:

  • Licensing conditions prevent you bringing excessive quantities of alcohol (maximum 4 cans of beer, cider, ready to drink cocktails, or 75cl of wine)

  • No neat spirits or glass bottles allowed onto site

  • No fires or fire toys are permitted on site, including BBQs

  • No video/photo drones are permitted anywhere on site

  • No camping is permitted on site or in the immediate vicinity of the fair

  • No illegal substances allowed anywhere on premises

Food and drink at Strawberry Fair

There will be plenty of food vans at the festival and outside food and drink are allowed inside.

Strawberry Fair Café will be by the Portland Stage, behind the Fair’s merchandise stall. Here you can purchase all the regular café items:

  • Hot drinks, tea and coffee - £3

  • Homemade cakes - £2.50

  • Hot drink + cake - £4.50

  • Soft drinks - £1.50

  • Snacks - 50p to £1.50

Pixies Cupcake Away will also be joining the café. You can visit their website for more information here.

Strawberry Fair Parking

There isn't any parking on site. Queen Anne Terrace car park is a more affordable option. You can learn more about nearby car parks here.

Strawberry Fair Public Transportation

The Park and Ride bus system is a great option to get to the festival. The best choice is the Milton Park and Ride to the north of the city as buses will be running until 11pm (via the Citi 2 service).

Trumpington Park and Ride to the west of the city has the most spaces available, although buses only run until 8:30pm. Learn more here.