Cambridge swans with plenty of attitude stubbornly block traffic

Cambridge is known for its swans with attitude and a classic example cropped up in the city on Thursday (July 4). A group of stubborn swans was spotted blocking traffic in the evening on Fen Road.

After leaving the shelter of the trees, a flock of the white birds decided to squat in the middle of the road, holding up traffic that was waiting to get through.

Eyewitness David Bartlett, former editor of CambridgeshireLive, said: “I often see the swans at this point on the river bank. There are benches nearby and the swans tend to gather on the path by the river.

"I’ve never seen them seemingly sit down and stand in the road and stubbornly block the traffic. As you can see in the video it takes the van driver to get out of his van and shoo them away to move.”

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One famous Cambridge swan, dubbed Mr Asbo, roamed the River Cam back in 2009. Innocent bystanders never knew when the aggressive swan might attack. In 2012, Natural England moved the angry bird to an undisclosed location, leaving the waters in peace.

Rumour has it that soon after Asboy, and later Asbaby, swans thought to be the son and grandson of the original Mr Asbo, returned to take his place on the river.