Cambridgeshire Police officers dismissed for having sex 'on a number of occasions' while on duty

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Two police officers have been dismissed for gross misconduct after they "engaged in sexual activity" on a "number of occasions" while on duty.

The officers, who worked for Cambridgeshire Police, admitted the behaviour took place at "differing locations", a misconduct hearing was told.

The officers were referred to only as "PC A" and "PC B" during the hearing due to "concerns about their mental health".

Chief Constable Nick Dean said people "rightly expect when an officer comes on duty that they are there to protect and serve the community, not to be engaged in sexual activity which brings discredit to the service".

Mr Dean said the pair made admissions to their sergeants but he was "doubtful that this would have occurred had the information not come to light from a third party".

The chief constable added: "I accept that the third party discovered the activities through one of you, however you should have proactively declared your relationship before this came to a formal misconduct procedure.

"I also note that it appears, albeit no formal checks have been presented to me, that no damage was done by you not responding to calls for service and that no member of the public discovered your activity, which would have cast a completely different light on the harm caused to our constabulary."

The two officers were found to have breached standards of professional behaviour and were dismissed without notice for gross misconduct following a private hearing on 21 April.

PC B resigned from the police service before the hearing.

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