Camera enforcement planned for school where parents ignore parking rules

Plans for traffic enforcement using cameras have been announced by Leicester City Council for roads outside a school where motorists have been ignoring the traffic rules designed to protect their children.

The city council wants to hear people’s views on the proposals to use camera enforcement to penalise the numerous drivers who flout school run restrictions on Northfold Road and Eastcourt Road which border Overdale infant and junior schools, in Knighton, Leicester.

Restrictions - without any camera enforcement - were first introduced on the two streets in February 2022 and prohibit access to most vehicles during school run times – from 8am until 9am and then from 2.30pm until 4pm on weekdays. But signs alone have failed to do the job.

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Last year the council was given special permission by the Government to use camera enforcement to deal with "moving traffic offences" in the city. Those powers were first used in May this year, with new cameras approved to monitor two yellow box junctions close to St Margaret’s bus station in the city centre.

Now the new powers are set to be used to install new cameras in Knighton. The measures around the schools were introduced at the request of residents and the school in an effort to improve air quality, road safety and traffic congestion at the beginning and end of the school day.

But many drivers ignore the signs during the school run and are disobeying the restrictions "on a regular basis," the council said.

The school gate on Eastcourt Road
The school gate on Eastcourt Road -Credit:Google

Geoff Whittle, assistant city mayor for transport and environment, said: “Camera enforcement can be a very effective way of deterring motorists from committing traffic offences that are dangerous or obstructive for other road users.

“That’s why we’re considering introducing these measures to help enforce restrictions on two school streets close to Overdale infant and junior schools.

“The restrictions here were introduced following feedback from local residents and families at the schools and it’s important that we do whatever we can to discourage people from ignoring them.

“We’re keen to hear people’s feedback on plans to introduce camera enforcement on these two streets during busy school run times and I would encourage people to take part in the consultation.”

The public consultation will run until Sunday, September 15. For more information, or to take part, visit