Cameraman who found body in Michael Mosley search breaks down as he addresses family

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The camera operator involved in the search for Dr. Michael Mosley was overcome with emotion while addressing the star's family in an interview.

Earlier today, confirmation was received that a body had been discovered during the search and rescue operation for the well-known television doctor. Michael, known for his guest spots on This Morning, disappeared while near a hiking trail on a Greek island, where he was holidaying with his wife Clare.

A body was located in a rocky area next to Agia Marina on Symi on Sunday following a large-scale search operation spearheaded by rescue services. It is believed the body may have lain undisturbed there for many days.

Just a few hours prior to the discovery of a body during the search, Michael's wife Clare declared: "We will not lose hope."

Antonios, the local cameraman who discovered the body earlier today, became visibly upset during a Sky News interview when he related how the body they stumbled upon matched Dr Michael Mosley's description. He detailed how they took a photo of the screen using an iPhone and, after zooming in, could "clearly see" it was a man "lying down" with "his hand on his belly", reports the Mirror.

In an emotional admission, he said: "The description is exactly of the guy we were looking for."

After becoming teary, he added: "I'm really sorry for the family, I'm sorry that I'm the one to find him. I wish we had better news."

As Sky shared the video interview, one user commented, "This is a tragic and heartbreaking situation. Our thoughts are with the family and loved ones of Dr. Michael Mosley. We hope that they are able to find some comfort and peace during this difficult time."

Another added: "This is just too sad. I really feel for his family and the people who found him."

Meanwhile, a third said: "So very sad, seemingly so close to getting help and shelter too at Agia Marina. The dangers of the sun and heat. I have passed out many times. It's dangerous and happens quick without warning... thinking of Michael Morley's family. Was hoping for a positive outcome."