Cameroon 2-1 Burkina Faso LIVE! Aboubakar goal - AFCON 2022 result, match stream and latest updates today

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 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Cameroon vs Burkina Faso - LIVE!

Captain Vincent Aboubakar converted two spot kicks as hosts Cameroon came from behind to beat Burkina Faso 2-1 in the opening match of the Africa Cup of Nations finals in Yaounde.

Burkina Faso, who were without their coach Kamou Malo and six players who tested positive for COVID-19 in the build-up to the match, gave away two clumsy penalties after Gustavo Sangare had silenced the home crowd, estimated at around 45,000 fans at the newly-built Olembe Stadium, with the first goal of the game.

Sangare finished with his left foot at the back post in the 24th minute to hand the Burkinabe a surprise lead in the Group A encounter but then their captain Bertrand Traore and defender Issoufou Dayo gave away penalties in quick succession.

Aboubakar, who was part of Cameroon’s winning team at the 2017 Cup of Nations in neighbouring Gabon, tucked away both kicks with aplomb.

There were no goals in the second-half, as the hosts got off to a winning start in front of their delighted supporters.

Cameroon vs Burkina Faso latest news

  • GOAL! Aboubakar scores second penalty

  • GOAL! Aboubakar levels from the spot

  • GOAL! Sangare volleys Burkina Faso in front

  • Cameroon team news: Onana starts

  • Burkina Faso team news: Villa’s Traore leads side

Report on the AFCON opener...

18:17 , Matt Verri

Cameroon 2-1 Burkina Faso: Aboubakar scores twice in AFCON opener

18:13 , Matt Verri

So it’s Cameroon who top Group A after that win in the opening match of the tournament.

Elsewhere in the group, Ethiopia face Cape Verde later this evening. Both sides know that it’s their best chance of a win, with difficult games against the tournament hosts and Burkina Faso to come.

18:10 , Matt Verri

Vincent Aboubakar the star tonight as he gets his country off to a winning start.

Plenty of other players to keep an eye though over the coming weeks as Africa’s best put on a show.

Here’s a few that Premier League clubs might be keeping an eye on.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Aboubakar thought he had a hat-trick...

18:05 , Matt Verri


17:57 , Matt Verri

Taken short... and it doesn’t even make it into the box. Dreadful from Burkina Faso.

Cameroon break forward and Tolo has a shot at goal, wide. Doesn’t matter though...

FULL-TIME! The hosts get their AFCON campaign off to a winning start. They win 2-1.

17:55 , Matt Verri

90+4 mins: Bande wins a throw-in for his side, this is really their last chance now. And they win a corner from it. Everyone forward, surely!

No sign of the goalkeeper though. Sangare to take it.

17:53 , Matt Verri

90+2 mins: Bright turn from Konate and he’s into the box on the left.

Decent strike at goal, but it’s an easy enough save for Onana. Three minutes remaining for Burkina Faso to find a goal...

17:53 , Matt Verri

90+1 mins: Kabore gives away the free-kick and Cameroon will be able to waste a few more seconds.

Burkina Faso man furious with that decision, punching himself to vent his anger.

17:52 , Matt Verri

90 mins: Five minutes added on... that VAR review responsible for pretty much all of that.

Still time for Burkina Faso to get something from this.

17:50 , Matt Verri

88 mins: Aboubakar brought off for Cameroon, so there will be no hat-trick for him tonight. Star strikers off for both teams.

Bande with a wonderful touch to bring a long ball down... but he’s penalised for a foul. Shame, touch deserved better.

17:48 , Matt Verri

86 mins: Wow, Traore off for Burkina Faso. Bande on in his place.

Traore was certainly the best player on the pitch for his country. They’ll have to find an equaliser without him.

17:45 , Matt Verri

84 mins: Konate down in the box and he wants a penalty after Yago challenges him.

He won’t get one, nor will he get a corner. Goal-kick for Cameroon. VAR checking... quickly tells the referee to play on.

17:44 , Matt Verri

83 mins: Aboubakar’s sole mission is now to get a hat-trick.

Holds it up, turns into space... and curls an effort over the bar. He’s had so many efforts on goal today.

17:41 , Matt Verri

80 mins: Cameroon look really dangerous on the break and they’re getting numbers forward, but the final ball has been so poor.

A bit more of a clinical edge and this one would very much be done.

17:39 , Matt Verri

78 mins: Onana sends it long, it’s a Burkina Faso header that flicks it on and Aboubakar is suddenly through.

Tight angle, he has options in the box... but he wants a hat-trick and blazes it at goal. Miles over the bar.

17:38 , Matt Verri

77 mins: Malo has it out wide for Burkina Faso, and he looks to Traore.

Comes to Toure in the box who has a bit of space, but his scuffed effort has even more pace taken out of it by a deflection and Onana can gather it.

17:35 , Matt Verri

75 mins: SO CLOSE!

Corner isn’t far away from finding Aboubakar’s head, but Cameroon keep the attack going.

Anguissa picks it up outside the box and sends a low effort at goal, and it skids just wide of the far post. Took a slight, but crucial, deflection. This time the corner comes to nothing.

17:34 , Matt Verri

73 mins: Njie looks really bright. Has so much space on the right, but his cut-back finds a Burkina Faso shirt.

It’s then good defending from Yago to block Fai’s shot, but Cameroon have a corner.

17:32 , Matt Verri

71 mins: Konate and Sanogo on for Burkina Faso. 20 mins left for them to get something from this match.

As it stands, the hosts will be getting their tournament off to a winning start.

17:31 , Matt Verri

70 mins: Njie is not here to waste time! Shoots from outside the box and catches it really well, but it’s just wide.

Both sides letting fly from range, unable to create much in terms of chances inside the box.

17:29 , Matt Verri

68 mins: Guess who?

Traore picks it up and he brings it forward once again. Strike from range, easily saved by Onana.

Two subs from Cameroon, as they bring on Choupo-Moting and N’Jie.

17:27 , Matt Verri

66 mins: Traore goes on another mazy run, and he beats three Cameroon defenders.

Tries to play it wide but Tolo is on hand to hammer it up the pitch.

Aboubakar then tries to bundle his way through the defence and very nearly does, but two Burkina Faso defenders fly in to stop him. Don’t need a third penalty!

17:26 , Matt Verri

64 mins: That delay has killed the pace of the game a bit, both sides struggling to get back up to speed.

Probably just under 30 minutes to go including stoppage time. Burkina Faso still right in this.

17:23 , Matt Verri

62 mins: AT LAST!

And after all that, the decision stands. Offside. No hat-trick for Aboubakar. Hopefully we don’t have to go to VAR again this evening.

17:22 , Matt Verri

61 mins: Not sure what is taking so long... more than two minutes as we wait for VAR to decide if it’s offside.

And still we wait! The system must have broken, they surely can’t be looking still at the offside.

17:20 , Matt Verri

59 mins: Burkina Faso win a corner this time, Sangare floats it out to Traore who is at leats 30 yards out. He’s operating a shoot at all times policy though... blocked.

Cameroon break, and they have a four-on-two. Aboubakar slides it out wide, shot... GREAT SAVE. Rebound falls to Aboubakar and he bundles it into the net!

OFFSIDE. VAR checking though, and it’s very tight.

17:18 , Matt Verri

57 mins: Good from Ekambi to drive into the box and he wins Cameroon a corner. Their fourth of the match.

Ngamaleu takes it, but Burkina Faso win a soft free-kick.

17:16 , Matt Verri

55 mins: Kabore goes down in the corner as Tolo shoves him, and Burkina Faso have a free-kick in a really good position. Traore to take it.

Low with pace... just about cleared. Hammered back at goal... OFF THE LINE! Onana with a great save the second time, Burkina Faso so close to equalising.

17:14 , Matt Verri

53 mins: Ekambi hammers a ball out wide towards Ngamaleu, but it sails over his teammate’s head.

Koffi, in goal for Burkina Faso, has been excellent with his distribution so far, and he pings another lovely ball out wide.

17:13 , Matt Verri

51 mins: Cameroon enjoying plenty of possession at the start of the half.

They’re in no rush either, happy to just pass it between the defenders. Ball eventually played over the top towards Aboubakar, but he can’t get on the end of it.

17:11 , Matt Verri

49 mins: Aboubakar nearly plays it round the corner into space, but it’s strong defending.

He then gets a shot away at goal, but makes no real contact and it dribbles through to Koffi.

17:08 , Matt Verri

47 mins: Free-kick early in the half for Burkina Faso. Very central, at least 35 yards out too.

Surely too far out. OR NOT! Swerves so much and Onano just about punches it away. Great effort from Traore.

Back underway!

17:06 , Matt Verri

Second-half is up and running... let’s hope for similar entertainment!

And he was up to the task once more...

17:02 , Matt Verri

Aboubakar levelled from the spot...

17:01 , Matt Verri

Burkina Faso took the lead

17:01 , Matt Verri

17:00 , Matt Verri

There were four shots on target in total in the first-half... three goals.

Burkina Faso showed enough going forward to suggest they can get back in it, but there is a real rashness to their defending that could cost them further.

What a first 45 minutes...

16:57 , Matt Verri

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)


16:52 , Matt Verri

Cameroon 2-1 Burkina Faso

And that’s half-time, with the Burkina Faso players still complaining to the referee.

They took the lead through Sangare, but two penalties towards the end of the half have gifted Cameroon the lead.

Who knows what we’ll get in the second-half!

GOAL! Cameroon 2-1 Burkina Faso | Vincent Aboubakar 45+3

16:50 , Matt Verri

Same stuttering run-up... SAME OUTCOME!

Goalkeeper goes to his left this time, and Aboubakar just sends it the other way. Two penalties, two goals.

Crazy end to the half.


16:49 , Matt Verri

In added time at the end of the first-half, Burkina Faso have conceded another penalty!

Tolo charging down the left again, into the box... and he’s cleaned out as he puts the ball into the box.

Dayo with an absolutely bizarre challenge, and it’s going to cost his side right before the break.

16:46 , Matt Verri

44 mins: Tapsoba stretchered off... but now he’s on in his feet waiting to come back on. Looks like he’s going to be ok.

Still difficult to see what actually happened to him.

16:44 , Matt Verri

42 mins: Traore tries to make up for that error with a shot from miles out, but it’s over the bar.

Onguene is into the book for an off-the-ball incident. Not sure what happened, but the referee has shown him a yellow card. Burkina Faso player receiving treatment though.

GOAL! Cameroon 1-1 Burkina Faso | Vincent Aboubakar 40'

16:42 , Matt Verri

Aboubakar steps up... AND SCORES!

Cameroon have their equaliser as the striker strolls up and sends the goalkeeper the wrong way.

Traore will be furious with himself, a really unnecessary challenge.

16:40 , Matt Verri

38 mins: Clumsy from Traore in the box, definitely contact with Anguissa. VAR still checking...

We have a on-field review from the referee. This normally means it will be given in the Premier League. Poor referee has about 100 metres to run to get to the monitor.

PENALTY GIVEN! Cameroon with the chance to level it up.

16:38 , Matt Verri

36 mins: Game becoming more and more frantic.

Dayo does well to put the ball behind for a corner, after Tolo burst forward for Cameroon and beat the first defender. Pressure building...

Cameroon demanding a penalty. VAR checking, after Anguissa looked to have been brought down.

16:35 , Matt Verri

34 mins: Horrendous delivery from Ngamaleu, to say the least. Barely made the first man, let alone beat him.

Traore sends it out for a corner though. Better ball in this time, but it’s cleared away.

16:34 , Matt Verri

32 mins: Ngamaleu again has it on the right for Cameroon. He goes past Malo on the outside, but the Burkina Faso defenders comes sliding in to bring him down.

Free-kick given, and Malo is also shown a yellow-card.

16:32 , Matt Verri

30 mins: Ekambi wants a throw-in, but it goes the way of Burkina Faso.

Hosts go long towards Aboubakar for the first time, but he’s beaten in the air and the defence can clear.

16:30 , Matt Verri

28 mins: Cameroon look a bit stunned by that. They were certainly the better team up to that point, but they didn’t defend the corner or the subsequent cross well at all.

Traore goes on another run, he looks bright whenever he has it. Burkina Faso looking much better since the goal.

16:27 , Matt Verri

It was a brilliant ball back in from Traore, Onana came and didn’t get there... and Sangare did the rest.

Cameroon keeper stays down for a while, but he’s fine to continue.

GOAL! Cameroon 0-1 Burkina Faso | Gustavo Sangare 24'

16:26 , Matt Verri

That was a chance for Burkina Faso though.

Tapsoba is played in on the left and he bursts into the box. Looks up to see who is supporting... tackled behind for a corner.

CLEARED OFF THE LINE! Burkina Faso so close to scoring, but Traore’s header is cleared away.

Ball comes back in... SANGARE SCORES! Wonderful volley at the far post to give his side a shock lead. Not great goalkeeping from Onano, who came for it and missed the ball.

16:23 , Matt Verri

21 mins: Alert defending from Ngadeu, who has to quickly get out to the left to cut out a ball as Traore ran onto it.

There’s been a lot of space on offer in the first 20 minutes or so, but not much in the way of clear-cut chances yet.

16:22 , Matt Verri

20 mins: Ngamaleu has plenty of space on the right wing as he looks up to put a ball into the box.

Delays, delays... and loses it. Good defending from Malo to get across and he then wins the free-kick.

16:20 , Matt Verri

18 mins: Good from Traore to beat a couple of defenders and put a ball in towards the near post.

Onana claims it though. He’s showing no signs of rust despite a long time away from the game.

16:19 , Matt Verri

17 mins: Ball into the box from Cameroon has far too much on it and it’s through to the goalkeeper.

Onana then comes charging out of his goal to cut out a ball played through. Slides in and takes man and ball, but it’s a good challenge.

VAR having a brief look, but he definitely got the ball first.

16:16 , Matt Verri

14 mins: Burkina Faso player goes down holding his face, after he gets a slight knock to his chest. Realises nobody is paying him any attention and gets to his feet.

Traore goes down as two players slide in to stop him... nothing given.

16:14 , Matt Verri

12 mins: Great play from Ngamaleu to get to the byline and put a ball into the box... Burkina Faso clear it though.

Traore then tries to break up the pitch but he’s brought down almost immediately.

16:12 , Matt Verri

10 mins: What on earth is Koffi doing?!

Cameroon play it down the line to Ekambi and he gets on the end of it... for some reason the Burkina Faso goalkeeper has come charging out to the wing to meet him.

He then stops when he realises his mistakes, Ekambi takes it past him but blazes over as he tries to put it into the box.

16:10 , Matt Verri

8 mins: First real opening of the match and it falls to Cameroon.

Great turn from Aboubakar and he’s then very nearly brought down on the edge of the box by Dayo, but decides to stay on his feet.

Left-footed shot is high and wide though. Was really nice up until that point.

16:08 , Matt Verri

6 mins: There is VAR at the tournament, so Yago can consider himself lucky that first-minute challenge was looked at more carefully.

Reminder that Burkina Faso are without their head coach this afternoon, after he tested positive for Covid yesterday along with five of their players.

Kunde goes flying into Malo... just about got enough of the ball.

16:06 , Matt Verri

4 mins: Better from Burkina Faso, as Traore gets on the ball. But he loses it and Tolo can bring it forward for the hosts.

It would be fair to say both sides are very pumped up in the early stages.

16:05 , Matt Verri

3 mins: That could easily have been a red card, such a poor tackle.

Free-kick is cleared to the edge of the box, it’s fired back at goal... bounces off a couple of players and rolls through to Koffi in the goal. Chaotic start.

16:03 , Matt Verri

1 min: We really are up and running!

Yago has been shown a yellow card after about 30 seconds. Fai did brilliantly for Cameroon to drive inside off the right wing, and it’s a dreadful challenge to bring him down from Yago.


16:02 , Matt Verri

The Africa Cup of Nations is underway!

16:00 , Matt Verri

Here we go!

Players are out onto the pitch, kick-off just moments away. An expectant home crowd will be looking for a strong opening performance.

15:54 , Matt Verri

Cameroon have lifted the trophy five times, most recently in 2017. Burkina Faso finished third that year and their best finish came in 2013, when they lost to Nigeria in the final.

So both have very decent records in recent AFCONs... bodes well for an enjoyable match this afternoon.

15:49 , Matt Verri

Just over ten minutes to go until the tournament finally gets underway!

Host changes, month changes, year changes... that’s all behind us and we can at last get to the football.


15:43 , Matt Verri

Cameroon participated in qualifying for the tournament, but as hosts their place was guaranteed regardless.

They still topped their group, which consisted of Cape Verde, Rwanda and Mozambique.

Burkina Faso had more pressure on them without that security of a guaranteed spot, but they went unbeaten to top a group with Malawi, Uganda and South Sudan in.

How it all works...

15:28 , Matt Verri

Just so you know exactly what to expect between now and the final on February 6.

There are six groups with four teams in each. The top two in each group will go through to the last 16, along with the four best third-placed teams - that means only eight teams will be knocked out in the group stage.

Should two teams finish level on points, it will be the head-to-head result that is first used as a tie-breaker, before it eventually gets to goal difference.

Here’s the full schedule that you’ll need for the weeks ahead!

Hosts certainly look up for it...

15:22 , Matt Verri

Opening ceremony to launch the tournament...

15:14 , Matt Verri

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

AFCON not without issues but deserves respect

15:09 , Matt Verri

“It is no surprise then, that this month’s Cup of Nations is all set to begin under unfair scrutiny, burdened with having to justify its rightful priority over the arrogance of the European club game, after a build-up too much obsessed with what it will take away: namely, key players from wealthy teams during an intense part of the domestic season.”

Read Malik Ouzia’s piece on AFCON and the need to respect the tournament right here.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Burkina Faso line-up

14:58 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Koffi, Kabore, Dayo, Yago, Malo, Guira, Toure, Bertrand Traore, Sangare, Bayala, Tapsoba

Subs: Sawadogo, Ouattara, Traore, Nikiema, Konate, Nikiema, Sanogo, Ouedraogo, Bande, Ouedraogo, Botue

Cameroon line-up

14:57 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Onana, Ngadeu, Onguene, Tolo, Zambo, Moumi, Oum, Kunde, Fai, Aboubakar, Toko

Subs: Moukoudi, Oyongo, N’Jie, Bahoken, Bassogog, Choupo-Moting, Epassy, Ganago, Castelletto, Omossola, Lea Siliki, Neyou.

Inside the dressing rooms...

14:52 , Matt Verri

Traore unhappy with testing

14:47 , Matt Verri

Aston Villa’s Traore has hit out at CAF in the build-up to the match, furious with the testing procedures that saw Burkina Faso lose several players for this afternoon’s match.

“I believe this is a scandal,” Traore told ESPN.

“We cannot be told on the eve of the match that we have COVID-19 cases among the players when some of them are our best players.

“This is unacceptable. Why did they not conduct PCR tests instead? They should have told us this beforehand.

“The officials and the authorities really need to rethink this organisation so that we can be sure that players won’t be told 24 hours beforehand that they can’t play.

“We want to know why there were two health teams that came to our hotel to carry out tests, why were the tests changed, why was it not a PCR test anymore?”


14:42 , Matt Verri

As the top two seeds in the group, this is the premier Group A match-up and Burkina Faso have enough about them to trouble the hosts.

Expect a nervy opening as often occurs in tournament football but Cameroon are the favourites to take the win.

Cameroon to win, 1-0.

Burkina Faso team news

14:35 , Matt Verri

Frontman Lassina Traore misses the tournament for Burkina Faso due to injury, with Aston Villa’s Bertrand Traore set to spearhead their attack.

Head coach Kamou Malo and players Edmond Tapsoba, Oula Abass Traore, Soumaila Ouattara, Saidou Simpore and Aboubacar Dango all tested positive for Covid yesterday, and so will miss out.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Cameroon team news

14:30 , Matt Verri

Cameroon are set to give goalkeeper Andre Onana a start in goal just as he finishes his nine-month ban for doping.

Conceicao will make a call between Jerome Onguene and Harold Moukoudi in central defence with Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting hoping for a spot in attack, which will likely be taken by Vincent Aboubakar.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to watch Cameroon vs Burkina Faso

14:19 , Matt Verri

TV channel: The match will be televised on Sky Sports Main Event and Football.

Live stream: Sky Sports will be able to watch the match online via the Sky Go app.

Sky Sports will be showing all 52 games of the tournament live. The BBC will be showing 10 of those too, including two quarter-finals, both semi-finals, and the final.

Good afternoon!

14:11 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of the opening match of the Africa Cup of Nations - Cameroon vs Burkina Faso.

The tournament has been delayed and moved, and things have not been made any easier by Covid... but it looks like we will finally get up and running!

Hosts Cameroon will be hoping to get off to a quick start, but Burkina Faso will be looking to spoil the party.

We’ll have all the latest build-up and team news, ahead of kick-off which comes at 4pm GMT.

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