Camila Cabello Introduces Fans to Her 'Sensory World' with New Song 'Chanel No. 5': Listen

Cabello's forthcoming album, 'C, XOXO,' drops on June 28

Camila Cabello is giving fans a glimpse of the sultry side of her upcoming album C, XOXO.

On Friday, June 21, Cabello released the latest song from her highly anticipated fourth studio album this one titled "Chanel No. 5."

In the pop track, Cabello leans in to her "sensual" side as she sings about being a woman who's confident in her pursuits.

"Cute girl with a sick mind/I know just how to play my cards right/Wrist, wrist, spritz, spritz, make him come alive (Ah)/Chanel No. 5," she sings. "If I want him, he's all mine/I know just how to f--- with his mind/Wrist, wrist, spritz, spritz, make him come alive (Ah)/Chanel No.5."

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Rahul Bhatt

Camila Cabello

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Before the song's release, Cabello, 27, opened up about how the track fits into the overall message of the album.

"the world of C, XOXO is a very sensual one , and in the root meaning sense of that word. sensual meaning “of the senses”- taste, touch, sight, smell, sound," she wrote.

"i wanted you to be in the sensory world i was in when i wrote it - red chipped nails is our way of wabi sabi being tongue tied is also shibari we’re subtle and complex like the taste of umami magic and real like a murakami novel," she added, referencing the song's lyrics.

She continued, "and most of all, i want us to feel powerful when we are seen, heard, touched, inhaled, and tasted that wrist wrist spritz spritz made him come alive Chanel n. 5."

She concluded her message by noting that this was "my gift to you before the album," which is out Friday, June 28. She also revealed a music video for the track was "coming."

"Chanel No. 5" follows the release of her collaboration with Lil Nas X on "He Knows" and her Playboi Carti collaboration on "I Luv It."

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Earlier this month, the "Bam Bam" singer performed "I Luv It" on The Tonight Show and appeared blindfolded alongside her dancers and two robot dogs.

She performed the track — which debuted at No. 81 on the Billboard Hot 100 — for the first time during Lana Del Rey's headlining set at the second weekend of Coachella in April.

"Certain things in our human realm do make me feel like I’m in outer space, and the very rare few times where I’ve had incredible chemistry with someone is one of them," Cabello previously said in a statement about the single.

She continued at the time: "Part of that cocktail is also the emotional drama between you and that person, and the chaos and butterflies and nerves and passion. It’s unsustainable and not peaceful and exhausting, but also, I LUV IT."

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