Camilla’s pet pooches wear blue for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home campaign

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The Duchess of Cornwall’s pets have been given their moment in the limelight as their status as rescue dogs was celebrated with a pair of matching bandanas.

Camilla is backing Battersea Dogs and Cats Home’s Wear Blue for Rescue campaign, which is highlighting animals given new homes by loving owners.

Pictures of the duchess’s Jack Russells, Beth and Bluebell, were featured on her official Twitter account wearing the bandanas – part of a range of items from beanies to badges for cats, dogs, their owners and anyone wanting to raise awareness.

The duchess’s dog Beth wearing a bandana (Clarence House/PA)
The duchess’s dog Beth wearing a bandana (Clarence House/PA)

Peter Laurie, Battersea’s chief executive, said every year thousands of animals need a new home for a range of reasons.

He added: “Wear Blue for Rescue is Battersea’s exciting new campaign that aims to champion our love for the wonderful, quirky rescue dogs and cats who just need a second chance in life.

“All the underdogs who have become top cats and are now living their best lives and bringing joy to their owners’ lives on sofas, on laps, and even on life-saving missions, around the world.”

Duchess of Cornwall visits Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
Camilla with Beth unveiling a plaque with the help of a sausage (Steve Parsons/PA)

Camilla’s pets are rescue dogs from the famous animal charity. She took on Beth in 2011 from the organisation’s London headquarters, and Bluebell a year later.

They have joined her during her visits to Battersea’s centres around the country, with Beth memorably helping the duchess unveil a plaque on one occasion.

As part of Wear Blue for Rescue, Battersea is also launching a symbol in support of rescue animals around the world.

The charity is calling on everyone to show their love of rescues and to unite behind the new symbol.

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