Camilla will be Queen one day, constitutional expert says

Rhiannon Mills, Royal Correspondent

As Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall mark their 12th wedding anniversary, a constitutional expert has told Sky News that Camilla will be Queen one day - even if the public doesn't like the idea.

There has been growing interest in what will happen at the time of succession when Prince Charles becomes King, including what title Camilla will be given.

But Lord Norton of Louth, a peer in the House of Lords and professor at the University of Hull, says the constitutional position is very clear.

He said: "Upon the death of the Queen, Charles automatically becomes King - that is it. His wife will become Queen Consort, formally established by precedent.

"But if she wishes to be known by another title, that's a matter of royal prerogative, so the monarch could determine that another style will be employed."

Much of the debate stems from when they were married in Windsor on 9 April 2005. It was announced that Camilla would be given what some regarded as the lesser title of Princess Consort and not Queen Consort when her husband became King.

Clarence House will not comment on the issue, but it has been suggested that Camilla would rather be Princess Consort and it is Prince Charles who wants her to be his Queen.

It is thought the Princess Consort title may partly have been announced in 2005 in recognition of the public unease about the relationship, and the death of Princess Diana.

Last week, Camilla was at her husband's side during a royal tour in Europe, a trip described as a Brexit charm offensive. They are a close couple who work well alongside each other and share common interests.

Enormous crowds came out to see them, with the Duchess mobbed by the public and Italian media in Naples. Camilla clearly has a good working rapport with photographers and journalists who regularly cover her official engagements.

Chris Jackson, royal photographer for Getty Images, has followed her for the past 13 years and says she plays the media game but in a very natural way.

He said: "The Duchess is just professional in her role, she's matured in her role over the years and she seems to be comfortable promoting the causes that she's passionate about: osteoporosis, domestic violence. From a photographer's point of view she's working with you and that's great and it makes my job a lot easier."

Within the Royal Family, Camilla has been elevated to become a central part of the upper tier of Britain's monarchy.

The Queen made her a privy councillor in 2016 and she carries out engagements on behalf of Her Majesty.

Camilla's charity work does not always get media attention in the UK, but less time in the papers is good news. After all, it is not her role to overshadow the Prince.

A wider public acceptance of Camilla, however, would undoubtedly make things easier when Charles does become King.