Campaign highlights: Corbyn criticised over anti-Semitism in Labour


Jeremy Corbyn said Labour does not tolerate anti-Semitism “in any form whatsoever” after the Chief Rabbi warned his failure to tackle the issue made him unfit to be prime minister.

Boris Johnson launched the Tories’ Scottish manifesto in Fife, and Lord Heseltine gave his backing to the Liberal Democrats.

Here are some of the highlights of Tuesday’s campaign trail:

– Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has faced criticism over his handling of anti-Semitism

Writing in The Times, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis warned his failure to tackle the issue made him unfit to be prime minister.

Mr Corbyn insisted anti-Jewish racism was “vile and wrong” and that the party had a “rapid and effective system” for dealing with complaints.

Rabbi Mirvis said the overwhelming majority of Britain’s Jews were “gripped with anxiety” ahead of the General Election on December 12, warning “the very soul of our nation is at stake”.

– Boris Johnson says allowing a second Brexit vote or another Scottish referendum is a red line

Mr Johnson has ruled out allowing either a second Brexit vote or a fresh Scottish independence referendum in 2020 if the Conservatives are forced to seek support from other parties to stay in power after December 12.

The PM travelled to Scotland to launch his party’s Scottish election manifesto and insisted that permitting either such ballot would be a red line for him.

– Lord Heseltine backs the Liberal Democrats

The former Conservative deputy prime minister urged people to vote Lib Dem or for ex-Tory MPs standing as independents in the General Election as the best way to secure a second Brexit referendum.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson welcomed Lord Heseltine’s backing for her party as she branded Mr Johnson “extreme”.

– Michael Gove has been accused of ‘sanctioning stereotypes’ after tweeting Stormzy lyrics

Cabinet minister Mr Gove responded to Stormzy’s support for Mr Corbyn by claiming the grime artist is “a far, far better rapper than he is a political analyst”.

When shadow education secretary Angela Rayner then tweeted “Michael Gove is crap at both”, he responded: “I set trends dem man copy.”

The tweet was a direct quote from Stormzy’s 2015 hit Shut Up, but it received thousands of reactions, many of them negative.

– Donations to political parties rose in the summer before the General Election

A total of £19 million was donated to political parties between July and September, £4 million more than in the previous three months.

The Electoral Commission reported the Conservative and Unionist Party received the highest number of donations out of the 15 parties to declare their earnings, taking in a total of £5,763,445 in the third quarter of 2019. Of that, £5,338,696 was given as donations and another £424,749 was received as public funds.

Tweet of the day

With just 16 days until the polls open, Tuesday is the final day to register to vote. Joining a host of celebrities and public figures, England and Manchester City footballer Raheem Sterling was one of many offering encouragement to would-be voters on deadline day.

Picture of the day

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson during a visit to Dunkertons Cider Company, an organic and plastic-free brewery in Cheltenham (Aaron Chown/PA)

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November 26 highlights

What’s next?

  • Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn will both be on the campaign trial in the South West
  • Before that Mr Corbyn will be making a 'major statement' on the NHS
  • The SNP launches its manifesto in Glasgow
  • Lib Dems Sam Gyimah and Chuka Umunna host a press conference with Lord Heseltine
  • Nigel Farage visits Doncaster