Campaigners Against UK High-Speed Railway Dig Tunnel in Bid to Avoid Eviction

Campaigners against a planned high-speed railway in the UK have dug a tunnel near London’s Euston Station in an attempt to avoid eviction from their protest camp.

HS2 Rebellion have been camping out at Euston Square Gardens in central London to protest against the project, which estimates say could cost over £100 billion.

The group said they dug the tunnel over the past two months, determined to stay underground “for as long as it takes to stop HS2,” the Telegraph reported.

The group objects to the environmental impact of the rail project, saying it would mean the destruction of over 100 ancient woodlands.

HS2 says the project will impact 43 woodlands, and 80 percent of their area would “remain intact”.

On the morning of January 27, HS2 Rebellion said on Instagram that the eviction had started, and that three campaigners were in a 100-meter tunnel. Credit: HS2 Rebellion via Storyful