Campaigners battle to save popular Peckhamplex cinema from redevelopment

Fiona Simpson
Peckhamplex: Campaigners are battling to save the popular cinema: Twitter/Peckhamplex

Hipster film lovers have launched a petition to save Peckham’s much-loved budget cinema from redevelopment.

Peckhamplex, in Moncrieff Street, may face demolition if plans proposed in Southwark Council’s huge development plan for the borough goes ahead.

The iconic cinema, housed in the same multi-storey car park as popular summer hangout Frank’s Café, charges under £10 for all tickets.

As part of the New Southwark Plan calls have been made for consultation over the future of the “poorly-used car park”.

Now, campaigners have called on residents to help save the establishment.

Under threat: Stunning views from Frank's could also be under threat (Daniel Lynch)

A letter, drafted by Peckham Vision, to Councillor Mark Williams reads: “The multi storey building on the site has shown that it has significant ability to create jobs, small businesses and important social and community spaces.

“With demolition of the existing building, and redevelopment which might take several years, this embedded social value would be lost. This option would impose high environmental and social costs.

“This potential should not be discounted without the research that the PNAAP Planning Inspector recommended in 2013/14.”

The campaign comes just months after fears were raised about the future of Frank’s Café.

Stunning views: Thousands of people flock to Frank's, located above Peckhamplex, during the summer months (Danny Elwes)

It was revealed proposals detailed in the plan could block the bar’s impressive view of London’s skyline.

Thousands of revellers flock to the hang-out, situated on top of a multi-storey car park, off Rye Lane, during the bar’s summer opening hours.

Cllr Williams said “Peckhamplex is a very popular local venue and we want to see them continue in Peckham. Together with Bold Tendencies and Frank’s Bar on the upper levels, and the new Peckham Levels below - which opens in September - the multi storey car park is a centre for the arts and culture.

“Bold Tendencies is well established, and once Peckham Levels join them, we’ll gain a real insight into how the building adapts to a more intensive use than the previous poorly-used car park.

“We have recently signed new leases with all of the current occupants of the car park building, and at the same time we are consulting on the long term plan for the future of the site – which we think should include a strong cultural, creative and artistic presence.

“We have received a lot of consultation responses already and want to continue hearing from local residents and visitors about what they think should happen here.”

Peckhamplex have been contacted for a comment.