Campaigners blast Piers Morgan's 'bullying' as they urge GMB boycott amid racism debate

Ewan Somerville
Piers Morgan fired out a series of scathing tweets following the Sussexes shock announcement: Rex Features

A group of black British women have demanded a boycott of Good Morning Britain over claims Piers Morgan has "bullied" guests on the show.

InfluencHers, a group of 100 black women, told advertisers of the ITV breakfast show they are “sanctioning bullying and blatant unapologetic disrespect of women”, urging them to quit.

In a furious open letter to Britain's broadcast media, they slammed host Mr Morgan for launching an “ambush” of activist Afua Hirsch in an on-air debate on Monday.

The pair clashed over allegations that a racist British press forced Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, to flee the country, after the Sussexes’ bombshell decision to step down as “senior royals” last week.

Ms Hirsch pointed to quarters of the media commenting on the duchess’ “exotic DNA” and likening her son Archie to a chimp, and blasted Mr Morgan for being a racist himself.

Afua Hirsch locked horns with Piers Morgan in a fiery debate on GMB this week (ITV)

“Throughout the ‘discussion’, Mr. Morgan proceeded to besiege Ms. Hirsch with questions, accusations, hostility and badgering,” the group wrote.

“The guest—Ms. Hirsch—was afforded no room to respond to this barrage of accusation, interruption and confrontation masquerading as journalism.”

“You cannot claim to want to talk about racism and then utterly besiege someone preventing them from actually responding.”

Morgan grew outraged during the heated discussion, telling Ms Hirsch that her accusations of racism are “completely and grotesquely wrong”.

The infamously controversial TV star fired back on Twitter this morning, remarking of the letter: “Wow. It’s not ‘bullying’ to challenge b******t. It’s ‘journalism.’”

The letter also criticises This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield for casting doubt on racism claims around Meghan in an interview with black campaigner Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu.

The furious open letter calls for a boycott of GMB over Piers Morgan's views on racism

They also took issue with “Newsnight’s white male historian Robert Lacey” for telling the programme he does not “see racism there” in British newspapers’ coverage of Ms Markle.

“What qualifies white men to effectively measure racism, and its impact?,” the group asked.

“With what authority do these white men articulate with such confidence that things are ‘not as bad’ regarding racism in England? How can a white man say: ‘where is the racism?’.”

Piers Morgan fired out a series of scathing tweets following the Sussexes shock announcement (Rex Features)

"Having to engage, articulate, and explain racism again and again to predominantly white hosts, white men, and white guests is draining and exhausting. It is frankly traumatizing and wearing to black people who continuously find themselves having to explain the presence and impact of racism to people who refuse to be educated."

In a direct plea to advertisers, it says: "To all the advertisers whose products appear on GMB, you are sanctioning bullying and blatant unapologetic disrespect of women on a programme that targets that exact demographic.

"To any advertiser choosing to have their products associated with such misogyny, and disrespect of women, you are telling your customers you have absolutely no regard or respect for them. Is that a message you want to send by continuing to advertise on Good Morning Britain?"

ITV has been contacted for comment.