You can now pay £800 to have your ashes scattered in space

Balloon Rex

Forget having your ashes thrown off a cliff or made into a ring – what about taking a final journey off this planet?

A new start-up, Ascension Flights, aims to offer ‘off world’ funerals for £800, with a balloon carrying ashes into space, then scattering them into the stratospheric winds.

The company told, ‘We’ve had hundreds of inquiries from interested private individuals and we’re in discussion with a number of funeral homes and other funeral care services to set up partnerships.’


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Ascension featured on Dragon’s Den, but is launching in November, with the company already having carried out 250 high-altitude flights.

Ascension 2

The company even films you – or your loved one’s – final journey for posterity.

The company says, ‘We fill a latex balloon with lighter-than-air gas, attach a payload box containing tracking, control and camera equipment and release the balloon, following its progress as it rises to four times the height of Mount Everest, bursts and is brought back down to Earth on a purpose-built near space parachute.

‘We’ve spent nine months designing, testing, revising and perfecting a mechanism to scatter ‘cremains’ in a beautiful shower, triggered by reaching the perfect altitude for global dispersion and breathtaking visuals. Now, we’re gearing up to bring this service to funeral homes and individual clients across the country.’